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Open Adopts | OTA - 'Critters' !


Hi there ! c:
I still have some leftovers adopts from 2021 (and even late 2020) and we're in the middle of end of year celebrations, so I thought it could be a good idea to try making an OTA with reduced prices so you can buy them for cheaper than usual !
As usual, I hope you'll enjoy :D

Starroot Growth Stage 1I'll accept only money and I use Paypal !

Starroot Growth Stage 1If you can't pay now, you can reserve now and pay later

Starroot Growth Stage 1You can pay in several times !

Starroot Growth Stage 1If you want to offer higher on an adopt which already has offers, please answer to the person in question so they will be notified :)

Starroot Growth Stage 1Overall, I feel pretty chill and flexible about these old adopts, so don't hesitate to talk with me if one of them interests you but you can't pay or something else; I can still make small concessions on the price (I won't sell one for half the price though xD), or, as I usually offer, hold it on reservation until you can pay / payment in several times c:

F2U Little Sprout Bullet You can see them all in better quality by clicking here ! 

Starroot Growth Stage 1• Minimum Offer : 25€

I'll accept a little reduction if you take several adopts but don't have the means to pay a lot; just ask me :)

Starroot Growth Stage 1• 75€ and more : Mini Scenery

I'll draw a mini scenery for your adopt !

Starroot Growth Stage 1Note : you'll have to wait until January / February to get your additional art, as I'm in holidays !

Starroot Growth Stage 1• 175€ and more : Mini Scenery + Bonus illustration

I'll draw a mini scenery for your adopt, and I'll also paint a fully detailed illustration for them !

Starroot Growth Stage 1Note : you'll have to wait until January / February to get your additional arts, as I'm in holidays !

Starroot Growth Stage 1 Finished examples :
Mini sceneries :
Sold Adopt - 5 | Mini Scenery by Nalak-Bel Sold Adopt - 8 | Mini Scenery by Nalak-Bel Doodle | Shalkoo | Speedpaint Video ! by Nalak-Bel

Fully detailed illustrations :
Sold Adopt | Frost Bloom Spirit by Nalak-Bel
Sold Adopt | Kirin of Night Skies by Nalak-Bel

Starroot Growth Stage 1You can :
- make changes to the design and personnality / backstory
- give or resell the character, but for the same price or less only (except if you sell the adopt with more drawings, of course)

Starroot Growth Stage 1You can't claim the design as your own !

Starroot Growth Stage 1You can comment below or directly send me a note if you buy the adopt, it's up to you !

Again, I hope you'll enjoy ! Have a nice day :3
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Vosheduska's avatar

Has the payment for number 5 already been done by the other person? Because if not, I'd like to offer €35 for it! I am willing to go through heaven and hell for #5 If that's impossible, I would love to have both 6 and 7 for €50 :) I would LOVE to add number 1 to the pile, but I don't think I can make it to €75, so I'm just gonna ask, could there be a little discount for a three-way purchase? I think I can pay €70.

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Ahh they didn't pay already no, but I've sent an invoice :/ I will ask them if they're still interested if you wish !

As for the little reduction, sure ! I'm perfectly fine to do 3 adopts for 70€, thank you so much for your interest ♥ do you wish to wait for confirmation for the #5 before doing anything ?

Vosheduska's avatar

Hello! Firstly I apologize for coming back to you so soon, this is just a message to quickly update you on my monetary situation. I thought it would be good for you to know that currently I'm able to pay all 30€ for #5 and 25€ each for #6 & #7 adding up to a total of 80€, since my budget was bumped up! I am still able to drop in a few more for #5 in case the other user bids up my most recent (30€) offer, all of that to say that it's not necessarily a final offer and I have a secured higher budget – just wanted to update you on that!

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Ahh well you're just in time actually; since I have no news at all from the other person I just decided yesterday to give up c: you can have your #5 then, thank you for your patience ! ♥

So you would like #5, #6 and #7 for 80€, is that right ? If so, you can send me your paypal for the invoice; I'll take care of it later this day when I'll be back home :)

Again thank you !

Vosheduska's avatar

Gotcha – I'm so excited! Thank you so much, it'll be an honor to have three of your designs ❤️ My paypal is

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Alright, it should be sent ! I'll note you the full pictures once I've received payment c:

And thank you again, I feel so flattered that you like them so much ! ♥

Vosheduska's avatar

Of course! Thank you once again! I am not the one who handles that account so I can't 100% tell you when it'll be paid but I've already told the person who does and it'll be throughout today or tomorrow at most. Have a good evening!

Vosheduska's avatar

I wish to, definitely! If I have to, I will take one off and wait a little bit to buy it later after I get some extra money so that I can offer €30 or €35 for #5. That one is definitely my priority – thank you so much for checking for me!

Vosheduska's avatar

Just to clarify: if #5 is still available, I'm still interested in buying another one or two of these!

Welshen's avatar

25€ for number 3? ^^

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Sure, thank you so much ! c: you can send me your paypal adress for invoice !

teethandtongues's avatar

Could I offer €35 for #2?

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Sure, thank you ! :D you can send me your paypal adress for the invoice ! c:

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Alright, should be sent now c: I'll note you the adopt's files once I'll receive !

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Well received, thank you ! :>

duskhall's avatar
Nalak-Bel's avatar

Ohh I had a higher offer at 35€ before I could see and answer to yours, would you like to add more or do I give it to the other person ? c:

duskhall's avatar

They can have it (; Thanks for letting me know!

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Alright, thank you for your quick answer ! ♥

BLANKphantom0's avatar

25 for number 5 :)

Nalak-Bel's avatar

Alright, you can send me your paypal adress ! Thank you so much :D

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