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:bulletblue:Commission Info:bulletblue:"Betrothed" - Lion King Comic:bulletblue:"Brothers" - Lion King Comic (sequel to "Betrothed"):bulletblue:Adoptables:bulletblue:FAQ:bulletblue:

A little list so I can keep everything straight and so you can keep track of progress at all times. No more wondering what the status of what I owe you. :iconcheerplz: Even so, feel free to contact me if you want more details on the status of your commission. I'm working on making my workflow more streamlined and quick with my IRL busy self, so this will hopefully help. Thanks for your business and your patience! I appreciate every one of you! :tighthug:

If I owe you art and you don't see your name on this list, please speak up! I'll add you ASAP.

Patreon Pride members get priority over other commissioners.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Progress Key:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack:Not started = your commission has been accepted, but I'm waiting for details, payment, or finishing another piece before starting (pretty self-explanatory).
:bulletwhite:Sketching or sketched = the art is in the first stages or has been laid out and is ready for tweaks before I move on to the next stages of inking and painting. If your commission IS a sketch, this means its rough sketch has been approved by you, and it'll be done soon!
:bulletblue:Inking (or) inked = the linework stage is complete or in progress.
:bulletorange:Coloring/Shading = painting has begun and the commission will be finished soon!
:star:DONE = your commission is ready! It will be removed from the queue after you receive it.


:bulletwhite: :iconmagani1996: - 5-page comic + extra page - paid - sketching thumbnails/storyboard
:bulletwhite: :iconmagani1996: - colored sketch - PAID (sketching)
:bulletblack: :iconwolf-chalk: - ARPG custom box BG, app form BGs, Group Logo, Map - paid - not started yet.
:bulletblue: :iconalbinowolf58: - 1 comic page - paid :points: - inking
:bulletwhite: :iconthereal-k9dj: - simple ref of <da:thumb id="8221391535765027"/> - paid :points: - sketched
:bulletblack: private commissioner - full commission of 5 characters - paid [PayPal] - not started yet
:bulletblack: :icon666devilgirl13: - full commission of 5 characters (family scene in some snow) - paid [PayPal] - not started yet (waiting for reference)
:bulletwhite: :icontheeclipticlion: - full commission, 2 characters (hunting at dusk) - 1/2 paid :points: - sketched

50% Sale Commissions
:bulletblack: :iconmagani1996: - colored 3-character sketch, transparent BG + talk balloons - paid :points:
:bulletwhite: :iconxxjellyowlxx: - portrait commission with simple BG - paid :points: - sketched
:bulletwhite: :icontitanic-wyvern: - colored 2-character sketch, no BG - paid [PayPal] - sketched
:bulletblack: :iconavizara77: - full commission of 4 lion characters by river - paid [PayPal]

Patreon Rewards

"Feed the Llamas" Tier
-- :iconraptorzs: --
(April):bulletblack: headshot of… - will be posted in May
-- :iconrobonerd01: ---
- (April):bulletwhite: Headshot reward (Sigma OC laughing at joke) - will be posted in May.
"Indeed" Tier
-- :iconthereal-k9dj: --
- (April):bulletblack: One-time portrait reward with 2 characters + BG (storm clouds) - will be posted in May.
- (April):bulletblack: Full-body reward, laying down, relaxed (no BG) - will be posted in May

Patreon Commissions

-- :iconrobonerd01: ---
:bulletblack: Full commission + BG - Sigma the raptor with human handler "Lex". - paid - not started yet
:bulletblack: Full commission + BG - Sigma the raptor with anthro fox. - paid - not started yet
-- :iconraptorzs: --
:bulletwhite: Simple ref (adult design) of lioness OC - paid [PayPal] - sketched
-- :iconamber-sunsets: --
:bulletwhite: full-body of adult-form Layla, no BG - paid :points: - sketched
--Lion's Den/Rogue--
:bulletwhite: hyena character design + extra pose and expressions - paid [PayPal] - sketching

Rehema Stuffs

2020 Cubs

Early bird orders all paid - sketching
Round one orders all paid - sketching
Round two orders processing - sketching
Round three all paid - sketching

2019 Cubs

95% complete - currently working on auction winner results

2018 Cubs

95% complete - working on auction winner results

Win-A-Date 2018

:bulletwhite:Auction winner - sketched


5K watchers' raffle:
:iconjustkeepingitrosie: - 4 full-body character portraits (waiting for details).
:iconmagani1996: - full commission (2 characters) (clarifying details).

"Bone Shuffle" Contest:
:iconchizooo: - 2-character, full body, no BG pic of two lioness OC's as young adults. (Note to self: check note)
:icontruth-lover3712: - his winning game concept detailed in a bonus page for "Brothers"

Character Design Contest:
:iconavmysterrie: - undecided

"True Love/ What-If" Contest:
:bulletwhite::iconamethystlioness13: - part of her winning story drawn as a bonus comic page for "Betrothed"
:iconimpclaws: (undecided - won a headshot character sketch)

Collabs/Trades (friends only)

:iconcapricornfox: - TLG OC collab - not started
:iconlil-cheetah:  - cub designs for her OC family tree (Lion Designs) - sketched

Egyptian Cheetahs:
Wadjet, Mut, Thoth, Maahes, Set

© 2018 - 2021 Nala15
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private commissioner - full commission of 5 characters - paid [PayPal] - not started yet

That one is mine, I'm cancelling it. Please keep the money, but I'm grown up, thanks for giving me your time.

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Hi, I'm not on the list? I'm waiting on a full body from this auction.

Adoption Auction CLOSED - Villain Lions IV
Nala15's avatar

Hi there! Don't worry, I got you. It's just not on this list because since DA's update, I can't change this list. I'm working on getting a new list set up soon. :)

WereMorta's avatar

Gotcha, thanks!

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I really like the sound of this list's name :chuckle:
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That's a lot of cool stuff!

Magani1996's avatar
Do the parentheses around the status indicate which one is currently being worked on i.e. (sketching)?
Nala15's avatar
Yes. I update as often as I can, but don't take it as gospel. ^^;
Magani1996's avatar
Also the raffle prizes will be added to the list or is their record kept elsewhere?
Nala15's avatar
They'll be added to the list. :) I thought I did already. Oops.
Magani1996's avatar
Just wanted to make sure so your record is accurate :)
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Magani1996's avatar
Do you still have the details for my prize or do I need to send them again?
Nala15's avatar
I'm pretty sure I have them, but if I don't find them when I get to it, I'll ask you. :)
Magani1996's avatar
Out of curiosity does the type of commission affect the order in which you tackle them?
Nala15's avatar
Sometimes...? It depends on how I'm feeling. I will change the order in which I tackle commissions if I know they are time sensitive, and I sometimes try to do them in the order I get them (at least as far as sketching concepts).
More often, it depends on subject matter or how fast I think I'll get a commission done. More involved commissions I tend to chip away at - but one I consider more simple (like character designs or ref sheets) I do quickly anyways so I tend to get them done the fastest.
Magani1996's avatar
Makes sense. Thank you for the info :)
Magani1996's avatar
Been knocking them out left and right I see.
Nala15's avatar
Indeed. :aww: Yours is next. ;)
Magani1996's avatar
I look forward to it :)
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