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UPDATE 3/9/20: My commission prices will be updated, starting in April. I will open up a couple slots/reservations for my old prices here before my new ones go into effect. So, what's changing? Mostly some new options will be added and current will be tweaked/redefined. Thanks so much to everyone who commissions art from me! :glomp: I love drawing for you so much!!! :heart: You help me improve, challenge me, and I get to meet so many amazing people and discover great characters and imagine so many cool scenes! I seriously appreciate every single project you guys give me. You're the best!

Ask me if I'm available for commissions via note or comment.

Just want a direct price quote from me? Have a question about pricing? Don't see what you're looking for? Ask me! :wave:
(I'm usually very happy to cut a deal - especially if you're a repeat customer.)
:star:Gallery folder of all my past commissions HERE :star:


- Points and PayPal are accepted as forms of payment -

Patreon-plz by Patreon-plz Discounts are available for Patreon supporters - up to 50%! To learn more, visit my Patreon or ask me! Juggle 
:bulletpurple:Paying in :points: : I'll let you know how I'd like you to send the points to me. I'll either ask you to send them directly to me OR send them to me via digital content purchase.
:bulletpurple:Paying with PayPal: You will be sent an invoice via email. Please note me your email address after your commission has been approved. Thank you! :D

Often, I ask for ALL commissions to be paid in full prior to me starting work. All commissions must be paid for, at the latest, after the sketch stage is approved. All sketch commissions must be paid in advance, in full, no exceptions.

Animals or People? Feral or Anthro? Fantasy Creatures?

I will draw real or fantasy animals (feral or anthro) and/or people in any of the commission types listed below.
:bulletpurple:There is a 500:points:/$5 surcharge for human or human-like characters.
:bulletpurple:The surcharge for anthro characters is 300:points:/$3.
Fantasy characters with human upper-halves (centaurs, mermaids, etc.) I count as human because they have human or mostly human faces which take a good amount of time to get right. A Minotaur or werewolf for example, I'd count as anthro.

Lion King or Cartoon/Disney/Animated Film style

:bulletgreen:500:points: | $5 - A full body character sketch
:bulletgreen:800:points: | $8 - colored full body sketch (I'll add digital color under my real sketch lines)

(+200:points: | $2 for each additional character for both sketch options - colored and uncolored)
:star:Add a complex background to either option (scenery, clouds, grass, trees, cliffs, etc.) for 100:points: | $1
Best Throne, Best Crown - Commission by Nala15 ''Have you seen my husband?'' - Commission by Nala15 The Argument - Commission for DuskWolf713 by Nala15 
:bulletgreen:1000:points: - 1500:points:| $10 - $15 - A half-body OR headshot character portrait, full color with shading
(+300:points: | $3 for each additional character)
Included simple background options: Transparent, solid color OR gradient (with or without texture), some grass, simple-detail sky (clear or some clouds).
:star:Add a complex background (scenery, complex sky/clouds, grass, trees, etc.) for 500:points: | $5
Smooches at Sunset - Commission by Nala15 You Don't Know Him - Prize Art by Nala15 Smooth - Commission by Nala15 The Worst Kind of Pain - Commission by Nala15 Spotted Sprinter - Gift by Nala15 
:bulletgreen:1200 - 2000:points: | $12 - $20 - Custom character OR simple OC  ref sheet (one side shown) - price varies on *species and design
:star:Add a cub/adult/teen version of the character to the ref sheet for 500:points: | $5
:bulletpurple:Upgrade to a complex ref sheet (see below).
*Custom/original species designs are available upon request
Lion OC Design - Prize for Maltashaastaka by Nala15 Hyena - OC Design Commission by Nala15 Amira X Rehema - cub for Cusackanne by Nala15 Seven - OC Design Commission by Nala15
* Leopard Otter - Original Species Commission by Nala15 Claire - Simple Ref Sheet Commission by Nala15 Elicia X Rehema- foal (cub?) for AmethystLioness13 by Nala15
:star: Xavi X Rehema - cub for Drazzielder by Nala15 Nuit X Rehema - cub for fenrirhound by Nala15

:bulletgreen:2500 - 5000:points: | $25 - $50 -
Custom character OR complex OC  ref sheet (all 4 sides shown)
(price varies by species and design; add-ons like extra poses and close-ups are available by request; these are 18+ hours of work, please be patient.)
:star:Add extra versions or extra poses of the character to the ref sheet for 500:points: | $5 each
Sigma - Character Design Commission by Nala15 Kifa - Complex Ref Sheet Commission by Nala15 Chiiryu - Complex Ref Sheet Commission by Nala15 Herr Ras - Ref Sheet by Nala15
:bulletgreen:1200 - 2000:points: | $12 - $20 - A full-color, full body, shaded, character picture (up to 2 characters included)
(+500:points: | $5 for each additional character)
Background options: Transparent, solid color, or gradient (with or without texture)
I Am Not a Droid by Nala15 Win-A-Date with Rehema 2019 Winners - Rapture by Nala15 The Dork Sisters by Nala15 Powerful Itch - Commission by Nala15

:bulletgreen:2500 - 4000:points: | $25 - $40 - A full-color, full body, shaded, character picture with background* (up to 2 characters included)
(+500:points: | $5 for each additional character)
*The background can be as simple or complex as you'd like.
Behind the Termite Mound - Commission by Nala15 I Bless the Rain - Commission by Nala15 Pinned Ya [2018] by Nala15 You Don't Deserve the Throne - Prize Art + Story by Nala15 By the Sea - Gift by Nala15

Special Stuff
:bulletgreen:  YCH Chibis - Big Cats 1st Edition :bulletgreen:

YCH - Big Cat Chibis 4/5 OPEN - Multiple Options! by Nala15
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Your character (any species) on my chibi big cat lines. I have multiple ways to adjust them to your character/several types of big cats. 
500:points: | $5 each

:bulletgreen: Character expression pack for videos :bulletgreen:
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  Headshots/upper body only (pack of 6* expressions and corresponding poses [e.g. "facepalm", "shrug"])
3000:points: | $30
*each additional headshot is $2.
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  Full body poses + interchangeable faces/heads
Each pose (includes one face): $10
Additional faces: $3 each (no charge for slightly modifying single expression to make additional expression [e.g. happy expression + raising eyebrows, winking, closed mouth/open mouth, etc.]
You are welcome and encouraged to send me references or doodles of the poses or expressions you have in mind.

-No examples yet.-

:bulletgreen: Comics :bulletgreen:
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! 5000:points: | $50 - a fully colored and shaded comic page
(Everything - up to 3 characters, all backgrounds, talk balloons, "sound effects", etc included*)
(+3500:points: | $35 for each additional page)
(+1000:points: | $10 each additional character* - per project, not per page)
(+500:points: | $5 each additional "minion/crowd"** character that will appear - per project, not per page)
*surcharges for human and anthro characters apply (see above)
** "minion/crowd" characters are "clones" or "extras" or "minions" that might only vary by color, rather than design. (e.g. the wolves that attack Belle in Beauty and the Beast or the wildebeest in The Lion King.
There For You - Commission by Nala15
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!:star: 10,000:points: | $100 special - 4 comic pages telling one story (save $40/4,000:points: than if you buy at full price)
(Everything - up to 3 characters, all backgrounds, talk balloons, "sound effects", etc included*)
(+3000:points: | $30 for each additional page, up to 8 pages total for this special. [4 in the package + 4 extra pages.] Must be for one story.)
Patreon-plz by Patreon-plzIf you subscribe to the "Diamond Rogue" tier on my Patreon you'll get a 5-page comic included with your subscription! :iconla-plz:

Examples from "Brothers": Brothers - Page 34 by Nala15  Brothers - Page 39 by Nala15

Semi-Realistic Style

These paintings will be completed in a style similar to the examples below. Each image represents 15+ hours of work.

:bulletgreen:5000 - 6500:points: | $50 - $65 - A full-color, full body, shaded, character picture with background*
(+800:points: | $8 for each additional character)
* The background can be as simple or complex as you'd like. All is included in the base price.
Just One - Doctor Strange by Nala15 Beautiful but Deadly - Contest Entry by Nala15 Der Wolf - Commission by Nala15 Silver Moon - Commission by Nala15
Nala15's Commission Terms of Service
:bulletpurple:Please be patient. I can take a few weeks to complete your commission. I have a life outside of DA and sometimes things come between me and art. But your commission is important to me and I will complete it as soon as I possibly can. If your commission is time sensitive, please tell me in advance and I will make an effort to complete it post haste.
:bulletpurple: Want to know the progress of your commission? You can send me a note or comment, or check my to-do queue for progress updates.
I have no problem communicating with you about your commission's progress at any time or showing you updates of the piece(s) I'm working on for you.
:bulletpurple:Did I forget some markings or use the wrong colors? If you are not completely satisfied when your commission reaches the completed stage, communicate with me about it and I'll make adjustments for free.
:bulletpurple:Some violence, blood, weapons, mild drug use (e.g. alcoholic drinks), mild sexuality (e.g. kissing, romantic hugging, etc) are okay. Ask me about your idea if you aren't sure. I try not to put my art in a situation where it would require a DA mature filter.
:bulletpurple:Please don't ask me to draw excessive violence, blood, or gore. I also will not draw bodily waste (implied or otherwise).
:bulletpurple:Please don't ask me to draw any fetish-related art.
:bulletpurple:I will not draw a character making an obscene gesture or (in the case of talk balloons/captions) using foul language or expletives.
:bulletpurple:After I create the piece that you paid for, it is yours to do with as you please except to pass it off as work/art that you created. I allow re-uploads to your personal gallery under certain conditions and only after permission is asked for and granted by me in writing. Please note me if you're interested in re-uploading the commission to your gallery.
:bulletpurple:About refunds/cancellations: I can only completely refund or cancel your commission if no work has been done. I will refund up to 1/2 your commission costs if work has begun and you wish to cancel. The piece (however much or little work has been put into it) will not be uploaded to the internet anywhere or sent to you in any fashion except for what has already been shared with you before the time of cancellation or request for a refund.

© 2018 - 2021 Nala15
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Hi, are these still your current price list? I want to save up to maybe buy from you later if I get the chance (with points), but I wanted to check first is these are still them/if they're open. ^u^

Nala15's avatar

My prices will be going up a bit when I post my new commission list. But not by much. If you buffer between $5 and $10 per most options on my current/old list here, I think that'd be a fair estimate. I'm not doubling or tripling my rates or anything like that. :XD:

And you're always welcome to note me your ideas and I can give you an exact price for what I'd charge for it - so you know what to save up for. :aww: Just let me know!

Rainy-Frog's avatar

Ah okay! :D So designs/refs would be around $17-$30ish range in future then?

Will do! I have to think it over, but I'd be glad to get an estimate once I have time to write out what I was thinking. ^U^

Nala15's avatar

That's correct. :nod:

And for sure! I'll be standing by. No rush. :aww:

Kitana000's avatar

Are your commissions currently open?

Nala15's avatar

I might be able to take one on. As long as you're okay with a bit of a wait time . Please note me or leave a comment with what you'd like me to draw and I'll give you a price quote/see if I can do it. :)

Kitana000's avatar

I don’t mind a wait :) but would you be able to take on a full illustration? The 25$-$40 piece?

Nala15's avatar

I think that's fine! Just let me know the details and we'll work out a total price. :thumbsup:Like how many characters, reference(s) of the character(s), poses, background, etc.

I'll need at least half payment up front before I start your commission (and you can pay when I'm ready to start or right away), which will get as far as getting the sketch to your liking. :aww: And then if the full payment isn't made up front, I'll expect the second half before finishing the piece. I'm looking forward to working with you! :hug:

TheEclipticLion's avatar
Hi are your commissions open at the moment?
Nala15's avatar
They are, actually. :) You can comment or note me of what you might like and I'll give you a price quote.
Thank you!
TheEclipticLion's avatar
Alright! Would it be possible to get a Fullbody fully shaded with the two characters?
Nala15's avatar
Do you have references or other pictures of the two characters you want me to draw? :) Once I see them, I can let you know how much it will cost.
And did you want a background or no?
TheEclipticLion's avatar
Comission type: A full-color, full body, shaded, character picture with background(Two characters included)
Characters:  Singe by TheEclipticLion   Kaluwa by TheEclipticLion  
Details: Singe(she)does have the ring of fire around her neck, if you want it can be flickered out if easier.
Nala15's avatar
I can do the ring of fire, that could be a cool effect. :)
It would be $40 or 4000:points: total for this commission. Everything will be included. If you'd like, you can pay half now and then the other half after I complete (and you're happy with) the sketch.

Just a couple more questions (that won't affect the price at all):
What kind of background would you like, btw? And what time of day? And did you have any poses or expressions in mind for the characters?

Thank you! :D If you have any questions, let me know.
TheEclipticLion's avatar
That would be great for the half and half plan. 
As for the questions:

The background could be up to you, in the savannah, quarry, or even gorge. As for the time, perhaps dusk?
The poses: Could it be that they may be hunting?
Nala15's avatar
Okie dokie! Then, we'll do that. :) Do you want to use points or PayPal? (If PayPal, please note me your email and I'll send you an invoice.)

And I can work with those ideas just fine. :aww: Hunting at dusk. Got it.
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Hey, would you be able to draw a two headed Hyion (Lion hyena mix)
I want to get their reference updated.

If not that's fine.
Nala15's avatar
I'd be able to draw them, sure. :) Were you looking for a quote for a simple ref sheet for them? (one side shown)?
thereal-K9DJ's avatar

Yea, seeing as the prices are changing, and I'm not sure if you're open right now.

Nala15's avatar
If you wanna take advantage of my current prices, I can take your commission if you'd like. :) 
A simple ref of your two headed character (one side shown) would be $20 or 2000:points:
thereal-K9DJ's avatar

Sure, Let me know when to send the points.

Nala15's avatar
Okay, awesome! You can send the points directly (or to my donation pool) whenever you're ready. :aww: I'll add you to my list and get started as soon as I can after the points are sent. 
thereal-K9DJ's avatar

I gifted the points.

Nala15's avatar
Got them! Thank you. :) I'll mark you down as paid and get started ASAP. 
Did you have any expression or pose in mind for the ref sheet? Or do you want me to just go for it?
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