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The Dork Sisters

Mala and Kamaria - together again! We shall unite our forces and take over teh worldz! (Dressed stylishly as our favorite Marvel heroes of course. ;P)
Team Cap (or spidey?) by udlx 
A late-ish Christmas gift for my sister MissMapleOwl. I love you, sis! You're amazing!!! :iconsuperherohugplz:
Below are a couple pieces of Maple's that inspired me along the way in making this. :aww:
(By the way, if you haven't checked out Maple's gallery yet... what are you waiting for?! DO IT!!!)
Kamaria © Nala15. Mala © MissMapleOwl. Art © Nala15. Nobody touch, except for Maple.
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takes me back to early DeviantArt days. You both rock - AND have good sense of you like Marvel.
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D'awww! You're so sweet, Tazzy! :hug:
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Oh my gosh, y'all are sister goals, for real XD  This is so cute! :D
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Thanks so much! :glomp: And yup! She and I are a great team! :D I love her to bits. :heart:
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Kamaria and Mala make for an epic and iconic duo of sisters, just like Anna and Elsa! ;p :heart: :w00t: (oh..... and why, oh WHY can I not see the the title "The Dork Sisters" being the name of some TV series/graphic novel/movie/whatever that revolves around two super close and super tight siblings who go around kicking some SERIOUS butt of something like that? XD )
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I feel another comic strip coming on... :plotting:

And thanks, btw! :dance: I feel like Maple and I make a good team. We could totally take butt and kick names no matter the situation! :superblankle Choo Choo Express :-: Supehero 
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Ooooooooo!!! I just inspired something? Interesting........ :devilish: And you are most welcome! =D
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The title is accurate and you both look adorable. What more could possibly be said.
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Aww! Thanks so much! :hug:
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Your welcome dear. :hug:
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I seriously approve :XD:
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:giggle: Why, thank ya!
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Thanks, Ash! :D
AshWolf-Forever's avatar
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Aww that’s so cute!!  I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and I hope your New Year will be fantastic!
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Thanks, iWolf! :hug: We had a wonderful Christmas! And this year is off to a good start so far! :dance:
Same to you! Happy New Year! :D
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