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Running Wild and Free - Betrothed AU [Collab]

By Nala15
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UPDATE: I've got a clean .png file and a .psd file of Uru and Rehema from here on my Patreon (no BG because it's not mine) for anyone subscribed to the Backstage Badger Badge tier ($3/mo) and up. Enjoy! :aww:

" the time the king comes to the spot, they are already gone. He chases after their scents, of his Uru and the rogue who he thinks abducted her but they have moved too quickly. They are out into the desert, with the wind taking their scent and tracks away well before the racing king can catch a final glimpse of his queen. Ahadi goes back to get Khalfani but little does he know the rogue knows the desert pretty well too and finds clever ways to prevent being followed."

This is a kinda-collab between Devinital (aka Devinital-TLK). I say "kinda" because she did the background a couple months ago, and I was inspired, and she was kind enough to let me download a full size version after I asked her. :aww: 
However, my original idea evolved into the one you see thanks to an AMAZING Betrothed AU she wrote and illustrated the other day. The story snippet in italics above is from there.
You can find the whole story here:

WI - Repeated History by Devinital-TLK
I implore you to read it! It's amazing and I loved every moment in it. It was written so true to the characters and my own little TLK universe. Tons of little details are included or alluded to - and I love how Taka's life turned out in this AU, too. Just amazing! :clap: As a thank you for all your hard work on that, Dev, please accept this as my gift to you. Since I felt this would more adequately explain my feelings than a comment alone would.

Also Betrothed is 10 years old this year!

I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. I know I mentioned before that Betrothed is turning 10 (and will officially turn 10 in September this year), but I still find it hard to believe. In light of that, I wanted to draw Rehema and Uru together again. I haven't done so for a SUPER long time and it feels good to do so. :heart: (Yes, I still low-key ship them. Bite me.)
In light of Betrothed's 10th Anniversary... I've added a goal to my Patreon that would help me create a remastered version of Betrothed, or perhaps add some scenes (perferably both). If I reach this goal, I'll be able to dedicate the same amount of time to it as I do Brothers, or at least come darn close. A remastered SOMETHING will be coming this year to celebrate in any case. But if you haven't had a look at the Patreon Pride perks yet, maybe now would be a good time to do so. ;P Thanks so much for all your support, by the way - whether you're here on DA, on Patreon, or both. I've been writing and drawing comics for almost 10 years thanks to you guys! And that's something I'll never forget! :tighthug:

Dev's background (used with permission):  Under a Seering Sun by Devinital
And if anyone reading this is wondering "What's Betrothed?" please follow the links down below and check out my Lion King fan comics. :D

Read "Betrothed" (complete):  Betrothed Cover by Nala15
Read "Brothers" (at page 105 and counting):  Brothers Cover by Nala15

Character art and designs © Nala15. Background © Devinital-TLK.

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If only this happened, BTW is Mufasa born in this AU?
Nala15's avatar
You can read the whole AU here (in the picture's description): AU Illustrated - Repeated History
And yes, in this AU Uru still meets Rehema after Mufasa is born. They run away together on what would be the last night they met in the actual/canon storyline before Ahadi shows up. That's where things change. Uru leaves Mufasa behind to his fate. I suggest you read all of Devinital's story, it's awesome!
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You know I wish that Kovu look like Rhema . And Nuka look like Kovu .

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I just finish reading the fic, it was awesome and sad! It looks like no matter what Uru chose, one of her son's was going to be a tyrant and the other one will be killed by his brother, at least Uru chose happiness and she and Rehema have more cubs and a Pride, and Hiari is a good lion without the jealousy and bitterness consuming him.

And with Mufasa, I can see the revelation making him go mad since his mother and father were forced to marry and have him, making him think he was an obligation and his mother left him after fulfilling her duty with the pressures of being king. His half siblings were born from love while he was born to just rule, and as sad as it is for him to die, it was probably for the best or he would have killed Uru and Sarabi and unborn Simba but if Simba lived Mufasa would be abusive to him due to the madness.

It also fits into your story nicely as well, like when Uru talks to her father and Ahadi's father in the stars and Rehema always comes to her when she asks for their help, they must have realized the marriage between Uru and Ahadi was a mistake and were trying to help her leave and be with Rehema. They knew their family would end in tragedy.
PouassonDeOro's avatar
I feel sad looking at this, knowing their story... but this is such a beautiful scene :) :heart:
Cianna200's avatar

My OTP that can never happen :(

Rinzydings's avatar
I absolutely hear "Spirit" from the new movie while looking at this. Whether that be because it fits the mood or if it's because if played in the desert also, I dunno! :XD: But they look wonderful, Nala!
Mytokyokitty's avatar
Love these two lovebirds :love:

Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] Heart Heart Love Heart Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] 
Awesomejawson12345's avatar

I love Ahadi and Uru. But I also like her with Rehema cause there both adventurous.

Devinital-TLK's avatar
Surprise collabs are the best collabs! :dummy:

This was too fun and glad to see your contribution. Also didn't know that the Bethrothed anniversary was coming up. Nice coincidence I made this up. :3
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That's sweet. Rehema and Uru would've made a cute couple.

Silver-R0se's avatar
Oooh, look at those happy beans! Rehema is so perfect here! <3
Spiritstrike91's avatar
What if she ran away with the handsome rogue indeed.
CougarHearted's avatar
I just ADORE how you utilized the epic background that Dev whipped up, Nala! And it is SOOOOO beyond perfect and appropriate for the AU that she came up with as well! :jawdrop: And I love how Uru and Rehema are sprinting across the desert sands as if they were playful cubs! :love:
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I LOVE Rehema and Uru!

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Beautiful darling, beautiful! I absolutely love your series, Brothers and Betrothed, I am going to have to go through and re-read them :) I'm just going to come out and say it: You inspire me so much and you are one of the reasons I joined DA :) I read your series originally before I had an account because I found one of your comics on pintrest. :) I look forward to any new deviation you upload and it makes me more and more want to become better at art.

:) I like to think that since I am in my VERY pre-teens I will soon be a fraction of how amazing you are.

AYArtzRamen's avatar
I luv this , so pretty ! would you mind if I made art of the au?
Nala15's avatar
Please do! :D I know I'd love to see it! And I'm sure Devinital would too!
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Amazing as always!

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
This is so pretty! awmg your shading is amazing!
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What about mufasa????
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Mufasa's fate in this alternate story is written in a lot of detail here: 

Mature Content

WI - Repeated History by Devinital-TLK
I found it fascinating!
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This is beautiful! Good job!
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