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Remembering Her Pride (+ Video)


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"NO!" Nala growled deep in her throat and glared at the hyena in front of her. "I decide who gets to eat my kill. Go find your own!"
Sarabi stepped in closer. "Nala..."
"I think you forgot there's this... law." Sneering and snarling all at once, Shenzi edged closer, placing a paw on the fresh carcass. "We don't want any trouble, lioness."
Nala bared more of her teeth and spoke with them firmly clenched. "Neither do I."


Shadow land, the leaves have fallen
This shadowed land, this was our home
The river's dry, the ground has broken
So I must go, now I must go

And where the journey may lead me
Let your prayers be my guide
I cannot stay here, my family
But I'll remember my pride

I have no choice
(My land)
I will find my way
Lea halalela 

Art © Nala15. Nala, Sarabi, and Shenzi &copy and TM Disney.

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Tell them Nala

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I'd be angry too if I'd have to hunt for others without being able to at least share it with them, like ok, I get sharing, but giving it all away to the hyenas? Oh, no.That would've angered every bit of me.

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nala this is cynder my pc is dead we have no internet

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Oh dear, I'm sorry. :( I hope that gets back online soon!

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I watched the video for this, love hearing your narration while watching you draw!:D makes me feel more motivated to draw for some reason lol(if that ain't weird to say I dunno watching people draw while they narrate about art motivates me to want to art lol)
Everyone always looks so on model when you draw them >: o Jealous! adinaind I dunno what it is about your images but the depth of field always looks so good. Like the blurry hyenas in the front, the lions in the middle and the bg fit together so well
every time I try to do something like that they just stand out weird lol
The lighting here is great!
Nala15's avatar
Thanks so much, Cynder! I'm gonna try to do another one like this soon (video and drawing) because it's so much fun and really relaxing for me too.
I also love to watch people draw. I blame Bob Ross for starting that "fetish" of mine. :XD:

The on-model stuff is just practice and learning how to use references. I'm not perfect, but I feel like I have a pretty good job of getting them to look like themselves. (Like they'd pass the coloring book test to know who's who without colors.)

Oh and thank you! :D Perspective and depth of field are two major things I'm working on so I'm happy you're noticing! :aww: I think it makes the images that much more challenging (in a good way) to draw and also more fun to look at. Win win.

The lighting was actually really simple but I also think it turned out well. Thank you! :glomp:
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I hope the hyenas teach those oversized house cats a lesson.

(I still like like lions though! It's just that people make them always win..)
Nala15's avatar
It's just in this situation, the lionesses are being oppressed. Remember that during Scar's reign, the lionesses, under Scar's laws, hunted for themselves AND the hyenas, overhunting and ruining the Pridelands.
OddDoggo123's avatar
I just saw the remake, it kind of refreshed my memory. 
If the Lion King was realistic, overhunting would turn it into a lush plant-filled area, since the plant eaters aren't munching on the plants
Nala15's avatar
Actually, not necessarily. The constant grazing (and the droppings of the herbivores) encourages new grass growth. (There've been studies on this in the African savanna in addition to other plains areas when animals completely stop coming to an area, not just in a migration cycle.) I know from personal experience that a pasture that isn't mowed down at least twice a year (or has animals on it) will turn brown and dead after a while. Then the dead tall grass prevents new grass from growing (blocking sun and rain from new growth that tries to come up, and the current growth, and blocking seeds from reaching the ground), mold ends up on the root wads, and the soil grows stagnant. The old grass stops producing seeds and dies. Eventually, the ground will become dry and dusty, and when it rains, it will become muddy and too soggy for new growth to start right away. Some grass and plant life also depends on being processed through an animal's digestive system first, or needs the nitrogen in the droppings in order to get started. It's called the circle of life for a reason. ;P Tie in that "no grazers" problem with a drought and you have what the Pridelands looks like in TLK during Scar's reign.
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That is quite interesting and a perfect explanation for the Shadowland's state. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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No problem! :aww:
She’s right to defy them for many reasons.
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Lions are superior to hyenas when it comes to hunting, and Nala is right to stick up. She's right that lions rule the land. She's right to hate the hyenas for poaching. This is an excellent interpretation.
Nala15's avatar
As others have pointed out, Agent - hyenas have a higher hunting success rate than lions (and I think have the 2nd highest success rate under the #1 hunter in Africa, which is the Painted Dog/African Wild Dog).

This illustration is showing the lionesses during Scar's reign - where they are forced to hunt for the hyenas primarily.
Agent36496's avatar
But Scar is king. Wouldn't he get the most out of a kill?
Nala15's avatar
Scar is just one lion. There are literally dozens of hyenas that are hungry - they'll eat WAY more than Scar ever will. And his "campaign" promise was "and you'll never go hungry again" so... Lionesses are hunting for Scar, the dozens of hyenas, and THEN themselves.
Agent36496's avatar
My opinion remains unchanged. You get your point across and Nala is right.
Nala15's avatar
Your original opinion included that lions have a higher success rate than hyenas, which isn't true. I was trying to inform you of that so you could change your mind on your own.
Also you mentioned that the hyenas were poaching, and this isn't the scenario I intended to show in this illustration (because when Scar was king, the hyenas were allowed to hunt and eat in the Pridelands), but that doesn't make it necessarily a wrong way to look at the image. If anything, you could mean that the hyenas are stealing food from the lionesses, which isn't poaching but it's still wrong.
But thanks for the compliments overall. :)
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This is a myth fueled by this movie. Hyenas are good hunters and do not steal from lions. Usually, it is the lions who steal from them.
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