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Rehema's Family

By Nala15
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Drawn together for the first time, Rehema as a cub and his immediate family.

Radhi - dad (originally designed for me by RedTheLioness )

Khalil - mom (originally designed for me by Rinjapine )

Kurudi - big brother (based on a design created by NorthernRed, adopted from BeeStarART, and a character described by JessiRenee )

Rehema - little brother (designed by me)

What do you think the dynamic is here? What are your impressions of this family? I'm curious. Family portraits can say a lot sometimes. :nod:
Would you like to see me do a story and/or comic about Rehema's life before Betrothed? I'd like to know. :eager:

UPDATE: See the high rez, full version here for free: Rehema's Family (Also there is question for you.)

In case you didn't know, or forgot, I have a Patreon! As one of the perks of supporting me there, you get early access to stuff like this! :la:
For the first time ever, Rehema's family is all together, and he's an adorable cub to boot!
To see it early, you can join my Patreon Pride. Seeing art early starts at the $1/mo tier, and the perks go up (.psds, early comic access, more detailed works, secret surprises, etc) the higher the tier.
If you can't or don't want to support me on Patreon, no worries! :D If you watch me here on DA, fave my stuff, etc, you're still helping me a ton! :glomp:

Art and characters © Nala15.
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Yes, I would like you to do a comic about Rehema's past?

Nala15's avatar

It's in the works. ;)

WolfLion99's avatar

Both Rahdi and Khalil reminds me of Taka/Scar... XD

QueenUzuri's avatar
Radhi is so beautiful omg omg 
And I would love to see Rehema's story Love 
Nala15's avatar
Thank you! :heart: RedTheLioness did such a great job designing him! :D
That's something you might not need to wait too long for. ;)
Kainaa's avatar
So awesome, this is very spot on and anatomy perfect. great job!
Nala15's avatar
Thank you so much, Kainaa! :hug:
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
I thought his brother was Mohatu for a second lol! i was like "oh no, wait-" scared me for a second :XD:
Such a pretty family portrait! Rehema's dad is purdy<3
Nala15's avatar
LOL Sorry about the scare. :XD:
Thank you! I think all of them are a part of a big, beautiful family. :aww: And RedTheLioness did such a fantastic job on Rehema's dad! I was struggling with designing him myself and she came through for me. :happycry:
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sinistercupcake's avatar
damn, a lion from Rinjapine? Wow! It's been forever since her comics were still alive. I miss them.
Nala15's avatar
Yes, indeed. :aww: I was lucky to commission her before Rinja's TLK-pacalypse/purge. I miss her stories too, but I'm also glad she's expanded her horizons.
Rinjapine's avatar
:dummy: It's a lady I did do! :dummy: And such an adorable family pic! 8D
Nala15's avatar
:iconkhalfaniindeedplz: It is the lady you done did do. :XD: She's a lovely creature.
And thanks! :glomp: This was so much fun to put together.
SimplePanther93's avatar
What a lovely family ! They are all beautiful ♥
Nala15's avatar
Thank you very much!
Cusackanne's avatar
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PouassonDeOro's avatar
They all look amazing C: I especially love the father's design! :heart:
Nala15's avatar
Thank you! :hug: RedTheLioness did such a great job on his design! :D
PouassonDeOro's avatar
Indeed a very good job *_*
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