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Rehema Holiday Cub for DevilGirl


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So last Christmas season, I opened up Rehema breedables for a special event. The response was incredible and what will follow is an upload train of the adorable cubs that resulted from the holidays!
Don't worry - if you're waiting in Rehemuary cubs, they're on the way right after these guys.

Patreon cubs were completed first and can be seen here: Rehema 2020 Holiday Patreon Cubs
Click here to see all the cubbies!

This winged lion/wolf boy is the result of a breeding between :icon666devilgirl13:'s Demi, the winged wolf and my Rehema. :D (Big Grin)
The parents: Rehema Christmas Cubs - CLOSED by Nala15 Demi 

Name: None yet

Have fun with your new cub! La la la la

Art © Nala15. Character design purchased by and © 666devilgirl13 .
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I love him!

He looks absolutely beautiful with his coloring. Your designs always come out amazing! Now just gotta think of a name for him.

Devinital's avatar

Now that's a interesting looking beastie.

Nala15's avatar

Thank you! And yeah, I agree. :giggle:Combining feline and canine features (and then the wings) is always an interesting challenge.

Devinital's avatar

Its always fun to mix parts of other animals together. Glad you enjoyed.

Twitterlu's avatar

Omg I love the wings, those shades of blue are beautiful! :la:

Nala15's avatar

Thank you! He gets that from his mama. :aww:

HewyToonmore's avatar

Winged lion. Cool. :)

Nala15's avatar

Thanks! He's actually a winged lion/wolf... not even sure what I'd call that hybrid. :XD: A Lolf? A Wolion? LOL

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