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Pony Adopts - 2/4 OPEN


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Took a break from my normal art schedule and did something fun for myself by making some pony designs on a lovely base made by JunkDrawerAdopts! :giggle: I hope you guys enjoy! (The proceeds from these will help me pay for some car repairs.)
I think these guys are kinda cute - but watch out for those wolf teeth. :XD: (If you don't know what those are in horses, look 'em up! Interesting stuff!)

:bulletblue:You can adopt as many as you want!
:bulletblue:The first one to comment or note me about the one(s) they want and send me payment will get the character(s)! 
Please specify how you would like to pay: Points or PayPal
:bulletblue:Please send payment within 24 hours of my approval that you can adopt - otherwise, they go back up for adoption.
(I can do limited holds if you ask me, though. :aww:)
:bulletblue:After you adopt, love and take good care of them!
:bulletblue:After you adopt, you can make any changes you'd like.
:bulletblue:If you want to resell your character, you can.

Good luck! 
You'll get a transparent, high resolution image of your new pony (or ponies) after I receive payment. :aww:

1. "Osprey" - $5 / 400:points: -  CLOSED :iconblitztheshpeherd:
2. "Son of Zecora" - $5 / 400:points: -  CLOSED :iconblitztheshpeherd:
3. "Medicine Hat" - $5 / 400:points: - OPEN
4. "Black Gold" - $5 / 400:points: OPEN

Base by JunkDrawerAdopts. Character designs by Nala15.
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The-Wolfe-Man's avatar

Will you be doing more?

Nala15's avatar

Highly likely. ^^ Were you looking for any particular designs? (e.g. more zebras) I'd love suggestions for next batch.

The-Wolfe-Man's avatar

I need more Earth Ponies XD I'm lacking them compared to unicorns and pegasi.

Nala15's avatar

I'll whip up a batch of Earth ponies next time, then! :giggle: Stay tuned. ;)

The-Wolfe-Man's avatar
Nala15's avatar

No prob! Might have some posted this Friday. :aww:

In the meantime, my friend (who made the pony base I used here) does Earth Ponies occasionally. @JunkDrawerAdopts

The-Wolfe-Man's avatar

I'll check them out. Thank you.

Nala15's avatar

Sure thing!

Blitztheshpeherd's avatar

Can I get 1 and 2 please??

Nala15's avatar

You sure can! :D Points or PayPal?

Nala15's avatar

Awesome! I'll DM you my PayPal. Thank you! :aww:

Blitztheshpeherd's avatar

Sounds good and you're welcome

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar

Oh if I wasn't broke, and could have some use for them ;' (

Super beautiful! your designs never fair to be creative and unique:Dgood luck selling and with car repairs!!

Nala15's avatar

There might still be a couple here later. ;) Feel free to check back!

And thank you! :heart:

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