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Pinned Ya [2018]

Sarafina has pinned Taka. My public has spoken, and this is the completed re-draw of TLK art of yore I was working on! :iconlachoirplz:
This is a redraw of a 10+ year old pic Pinned Ya by Nala15 that my fans voted I should redraw this year. :D I'm not 100% happy with the BG (could have a little more detail, but eh, I'm done with it for now), but I love how the characters turned out! :love: I think they came out close to on-model for their cub selves. Definitely an improvement over my mouse-drawn pic of 10 years ago, I think. By the way, have any of you noticed that Sarafina is built like a freakin' tank? Look at the arms on that girl in the bath scene with cub Nala. :omg: Girl's got guns from hunting, I say! I decided to keep Taka on the smaller side because in my head canon he's younger than all the other cubs (and he's just smaller overall when he's an adult). Anyway, I really like how this turned out and I'm done rambling now. Enjoy! :wave:
The sketch: WIP - Pinned Ya [Redrawn 2018] by Nala15

Sarafina and Scar © Disney. Art © Nala15.
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Like mom like daughter, like uncle like nephew.

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That scene was always adorable! Great work!

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I love her smugness on him, its so cute.

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Thanks! :giggle: To me, she also looks a little shy... so maybe it's "shugness"? :XD:
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Shugness, lol!

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Cute. I love Taka (Scar) and Sarafina. 
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Thanks so much! :hug: I do too. They're so much fun to draw!
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You are pretty much welcome my friend.

Actually, I love them as lovers too.

In fact, I writting about Scar first rival, Pomboo (Dolphin in Swahili). Pomboo is Nala Father, but is not a really good husband and father... Pomboo is very arrogant, selfish, love himself only, but most important he hates Scar for diyng...
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dAMMNNN that improvement!
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Looks so beautiful! You improved a lot!!!
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Thanks so much! (It was only 10 years. LOL :XD:)
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I just got stabbed in the heart by nostalgia after seeing this remastered version of that good ol' classic piece of TLK fanart of yours. :love: You really came from a long way, since then! Excellent work! :clap:
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D'awww! :blush: Thank you!
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It’s no problem!
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And the cycle continues Giggle 
It's beautiful, will you draw comics how Scar meet Zira.
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Thanks! :)

Probably not - at least not for a while.
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Ok that is too cute. :D I can see where Nala got her talent from. 
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