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Inktober #2 - Egg-Suckin' Salamander


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Over on Patreon, I'm doing Inktober!

We all remember Joanna, right? (My god, she's so much fun to draw! :D )

Crazy me is trying Inktober - making up my own theme with "Animated Animals" as the topic. Over on the Patreon Discord, I'm taking suggestions for characters. :) Wish me luck! And place your bets as to how many days I can get to this time. (Smaugust lasted until day 5... ^^;)

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I loved Joanna in the rescuers so much! That whole eggs stealing seen with the lunch box was super brilliant and helpful in having the main villan monologue to himself without it being boring to the audience. I was glad that she didn't die and just escaped from the waterfall situation.

DRY-Designs-Network's avatar

"These are not Joanna eggs!"

Nala15's avatar

*Joanna inconspicuously swallows stolen egg*


jbriskin's avatar

"Joanna, I give you platypus eggs, I give you snake eggs, I'll even give you eagle eggs! But I want you to stay away from my--"

silverwolvesarecool's avatar

Oh yes. I remember this gal. And I remember wishing I could have one of her species as a pet...before realizing my mother would kill me if I got one.

Nala15's avatar

Considering some goannas can reach over 6 feet long and can tear off chunks of flesh with their teeth... good call. :XD:

silverwolvesarecool's avatar

True lol. Monitor lizard would be a close second cause they are adorbs.

Nala15's avatar

They are. :giggle: The smaller ones are a lot more manageable too - and less danger of some part of you being eaten. LOL

Drakmanka's avatar

Man, this is a blast from my childhood!

Nala15's avatar

Yay! :D (I think it was one of the first Disney movies I ever saw/owned.)

JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar

Joanna, love that dastardly lizard!

Nala15's avatar

:heart: She's kinda awesome.

oCrystalArt's avatar

I just watched this movie on friday, mind reader.

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BullerThePirate's avatar

This just reminded me I need to watch this movie again! Was one of my favorites as a kid xD I can still hear the guy yelling "JOANNA" in my head, just looking at this picture xD Love this character, she's great. So sassy!

Lil-Cheetah's avatar

The minute I saw this I was like, is that Joanna the goanna? Turns out is is!

Nala15's avatar

Here she be! :D (Glad she was so easily recognized! Mission accomplished.)

Fluffypuppy77's avatar

ITS JOANNA!!!!!!! The best Komodo!

or Monitor?

Nala15's avatar

YUS!!! :la:

Monitor technically. :aww: A "Goanna" more specifically. (Hence why her name is "Joanna" - it's a play on her species. :XD:)

Joooaaaaannaaaa! I gotta watch that movie again!

Nala15's avatar

It's a good one! At least for the animation and music. And Joanna - always for Joanna. :XD:

ratha's avatar

This is great. XD As soon as I saw the thumbnail in my updates, I yelled "JOANNA!"

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