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Inktober #1 - Slippery Feet


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Over on Patreon, I'm doing Inktober!

Crazy me is trying another challenge month - making up my own theme with "Animated Animals" as the topic. Over on the Patreon Discord, I'm taking suggestions for characters. :) Wish me luck! And place your bets as to how many days I can get to this time. (Smaugust lasted until day 5... ^^;)

Anyways, it's Lucky from 101 Dalmatians! He was always one of my favorite animated dogs. ^^

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Oct 1, 2021, 8:22:37 PM
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I wish we could walk on the snow!

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Cute little bugger! :heart:

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I think so too. (Hope I did him justice! I haven't done 101 fanart in AGES.)

He was always my favorite of the named pups. :giggle:

(Also it's not confirmed in the movie, but I always thought it was implied he was the little "stillborn" pup that Roger resuscitated.)

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Yeah, tho interestingly in the book its his sister Cadpig who was the stillborn that got revived.

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I haven't read the book. :XD: Since Cadpig is a no-show in the movie adaption, I'm going with Lucky. Is Cadpig one of the pups in the original cartoon series based on the movie/book, though? I remember the name but nothing about the character.

(Also what kind of a name is Cadpig? It's like the most British thing ever. LOL)

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She was in the book and the 90s TV series as a main character, in some dubs they call her Penny though, which is interesting. The character in the show I can't remember much either, I know in the book Cadpig was the pet of some important humans and leader of the dogs I think in the sequel "Twilight Barking" which has alien dogs of all things that come for the earth dogs lmao I think Cadpig leaves with them, can't remember tho.

Its a term for a runty pig and since Cadpig was the runt, guess its the shoe that fits haha

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I was today years old when I learned the 101 Dalmatians franchise in some capacity has aliens in it. :abduction:

Ah, I see. (Still sounds very British. LOL)

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Its defs very British lol

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I have faith in you

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