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Fuzzles #15 - Poppin' A Question


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My, my little Popcorn! What's got you all bouncy and "popping" around like your namesake? :giggle:
(Looks like he's not quite sure himself - maybe the great and wise Loki has answers?)
[This is "The Quest for the Kitten: Part 1" :XD:]


(Featured Fuzzles: Popcorn & Loki)

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Fuzzles art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras. Title card artist: nettlebeast. Graphic artist: Garsheen.

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Dinofanx's avatar

I know it would be a bit out of character for this fluffy angel. But just consider this for a second. Popcorn chasing a kitten around because he wants to play but the kitten outsmarts him and he falls in a fluffy pile. And the cat walks away wiggling its tail triumphantly.

Nala15's avatar
That doesn't sound too out of character to me. :aww: I'm sure Popcorn would think a kitten loves a game of "chase chase". :XD:
Dinofanx's avatar

Yeah, I kinda thought it would suit him when I wrote down the idea. Also it would be so cute! :XD:

*cracks up*  This should be fun....
Nala15's avatar

For sure... :plotting:

*waits eagerly*
JumpyL123's avatar
Kitty? *le gasp* KITTYYYYYY
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AshWolf-Forever's avatar

Oh Popcorn. You are so sweet.

Nala15's avatar

Such an innocent angel. :Angel:

LauraEarthrider's avatar
I'm curious to see where this goes...
Nala15's avatar

We will see... soon... :evillaugh:

Devinital's avatar
That kitten is going to either love popcorn cause he's afuzzy friendly play mate or HATE him for too much energy.
Nala15's avatar

It indeed could go either way. :plotting:

Truth-lover3712's avatar
My response at every such question, lit.
MauEvig's avatar
lol oh Popcorn, you'll love kittens!
Nala15's avatar

He'll probably think that it's just a tiny puppy. :XD: But yes. Popcorn loves everybody! :dummy:

MauEvig's avatar
Awww and he's such a friendly puppy. That's the kind of puppy I'd like.
Nala15's avatar

The best kind of puppy. :giggle:

Musicalmutt2's avatar
omggggg they're getting a kitty friend~!!
CougarHearted's avatar

A kitten is only like, the cutest of all creatures, yo!!! *_*

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