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Fuzzles #14 - Snip Snip

By Nala15
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Loki has a question for Earl Grey.
Sometimes actions can speak louder than words.

(This may or may not be a controversial opinion, but I'm personally against the practice of cropping and docking for purely aesthetic reasons.)


(Featured Fuzzles: Popcorn, Earl Grey, Loki)

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Fuzzles art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras. Title card artist: nettlebeast.

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Starry-Storm's avatar
I agree! I know sometimes it’s necessary to protect the dog, but if it’s not for the good of the doggo, DON’T DO IT!
Machati's avatar
pfh! Those expressions are wonderful, you got an audible laugh out of me :heart:
Nala15's avatar

That's a big compliment coming from you! :hug: Thank you so much! :D I hope you continue to enjoy these.

Draconicat's avatar
Poor baby....  *pets him*
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ADHadh's avatar
Eh, ears and tail are small things compared to other things that get the snip.
Some countries banned cropping and docking, not too hard to imagine why.
Nala15's avatar

I know, right? Especially the bad habit some seem to have of doing it themselves? YUCK. :dead: (I'm all for medical reasons for these and any other kind of body alteration... but NOT for "looks only".)

CougarHearted's avatar
Poor Early boy....... =( I take it he was rescued from some pretty unsavory people?
Nala15's avatar

More about his backstory will be revealed soon. :) But yeah, poor Mr. Grey. :(

spyrofreak01's avatar
Good point here! Snipping down animal's their ears and tail is something I always have seen as animal abuse.
Nala15's avatar

It definitely can be. Especially if not done by a professional (aka a vet). Exceptions would be for if the snipping needs to be done for a medical and/or safety reason. (I've known a couple people that needed to get their dogs' tails docked because they broke them repeatedly through various accidents - including over-eager wagging, believe it or not.) But it should always be done by a vet.

LauraEarthrider's avatar
AWWW, Earl Grey :tears:

I feel like he's thinking "No... I just wasn't good enough for them as I was..."
Nala15's avatar

Exactly. :( Poor fella.

Truth-lover3712's avatar
I go by 'keep it simple, keep it natural' in many aspects.
This is one of those UNNATURAL things x(
Nala15's avatar

It certainly can be. :(

JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar
I agree, there’s no place for butchering an animal for aesthetics. It’s just wrong.
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ScrapesGoat's avatar
There's also a Manga And Comics group. I feature my comics in it if you'd like the link. ^ ^ if not that's totally fine
Nala15's avatar

I think you might've sent it to me, but I'd love to see it again just in case. :) Thanks!

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ScrapesGoat's avatar
AshWolf-Forever's avatar

I grew up with docked and cropped dogs, but I've steadily just decided it's as pointless and lazy as de-clawing a cat. Very nice job on the comic.

Nala15's avatar

It certainly can be.

Thanks so much! :D

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