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Fossil Fuel Promo - Jurassic Bar


Now available on Patreon - Fossil Fuel #1!

In a world where dinosaurs still rule the earth - only one place serves the best Blood Pine Ale, Mesozoic Mead, and Ginkgo Whiskey...
...and that's Jurassic Bar. Endorsed here by Saka.

Fossil Fuel is a comic strip series available now on Patreon and coming soon to DA and my other internet hideaways!

Psst! If you're a long-time fan or friend of mine, you might recognize Saka. He's a dinosaur character I created in 2007. Today, he has a new design and a new job as a main character in "Fossil Fuel."
:aww: I'm so happy to draw him again!

Fossil Fuel art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press.

I know Saka doesn't have feathers and the current consensus is that real "raptors" had them or a variation/protofeather covering. This will be addressed in-comic. :plotting:
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Koe: Hi Saka i am dinosaur.

DinoLover09's avatar
Is Spike there? Last name, Tail.
Nala15's avatar
*sets glass down on bar*  An' who wants 'ta know?
DinoLover09's avatar
I forgot to mention it was a phone call.
Nala15's avatar
That would have been relevant. :XD:
Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
I knew that guy looked familiar XD
Nala15's avatar
:giggle: He's an old friend.
Namirithecheepard's avatar

I can't wait Nala! :aww: I really love Saka's design! :love:
Nala15's avatar
Thanks so much! :hug:
The first strip is up on Patreon now, but it'll be here on DA next Friday. :aww:
Namirithecheepard's avatar
Your welcome! X3
Unfortunately I don't have patreon. ;-;
Nala15's avatar
It's okay. :hug:
It'll always be around if you ever have the opportunity to become a patron. :)
CougarHearted's avatar
How come I can hear this guy talking in a rough and tough Aussie accent? XP
Nala15's avatar
Might be the hat? :giggle:
Thagirion's avatar
Ah a story about dinosaurs.  I love dinos so I think I might like this.
Nala15's avatar
:highfive: fellow dino-lover! (That's how I discovered you. :XD:)
Fossil Fuel #1 is available on my Patreon for early access:…
Otherwise, it'll be here on DA next Friday. :aww:
Thagirion's avatar
Yes indeed. It's great being a dino lover. I'm working on a new dino character for one of my stories. I hope I can draw him soon once I think of a design.
I don't use patreon. If I buy anything I prefer to pay people directly through pay pal.  I'll wait for you to post the first page here.
Nala15's avatar
I love being a dino lover too. :) And that's so cool! I'll keep an eye out for him.

Hey, no worries. :aww: I think you're gonna like the series.
TheElvenJedi's avatar
Ooooohhh sign me up! XD 
Nala15's avatar
Sweet! :D
The first strip is available now on my Patreon:…
It'll be posted here on DA next Frieday. :)
Truth-lover3712's avatar
I guess the Tyrannosaurus Rex would order a lot of tea. 
You know why?
Nala15's avatar
Because Tea-Rex? :XD:
Truth-lover3712's avatar
There ya go! :rofl:

(did you take some time on that one, or did you already know? :P )
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