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Fossil Fuel #8 - The Demo Crew

By Nala15
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These guys are just a couple rubble bits short of a demo site, if you know what I mean. :giggle: Or maybe Foreman Troodon's instructions were just a little too literal. Hmmm...

Featured species: Ankylosaurus and Troodon
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Fossil Fuel art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras.
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AndromedasWitchery's avatar
This is marveillous!!!!! Thanks for giving a great smile!!!!
Nala15's avatar
You're so welcome! :hug: Thanks for telling me that I did. :aww:
nettlebeast's avatar
haha this is adorable and made me chuckle :'D 
Nala15's avatar
lunathepup's avatar
omg XD at least they tried 
btw those guys are really cute >u< 
Nala15's avatar
LOL They definitely tried and did a thing. :XD:

Thanks! :heart: I think so too.
lunathepup's avatar
your welcome ^^
Pyroraptor42's avatar
they did their best
Nala15's avatar
Makes me fear for what their worst might be...
dymsgirl0102's avatar
Reminds me of the Amelia Bedelia books :) 
Nala15's avatar
Oh, I loved those books! I'll take that as a major compliment. :aww: Thanks!
ReptileCynrik's avatar
This line of comic strips reminds me of my own series:…

And your gags are on point, the visual expression is highly appropriate and intriguing!
I like the style of your characters, the overall presentation and the intelligent jokes.

Keep it up!!!  
Nala15's avatar
Hey, thanks so much for stopping by! Thanks for the compliments too! :D I had a look at your strips and I like 'em so far. ;P

I shall! You too!
DandinFreeLands's avatar
Talk about taking it literally.
CougarHearted's avatar
If there is anything to learn from this, it's that Foreman Troodon should probably write those words on the wall itself the next time he needs something done! XD
Nala15's avatar
Stand back, dinos! Foreman Troodon is taking up graffiti! Not because he likes defacing property but 1) because the wall it's on will be demolished anyways but 2) because it's... obviously necessary. 
Stet709's avatar

Well they're not wrong... technically...

Devinital's avatar
Well you can't blame them or be surprised when you leave them alone. Your the boss after all, they are just the hired hand. I'd do the same thing honestly.
Nala15's avatar
:giggle: Very, very true. It's almost like the supervisor wasn't doing his job right, either. ;) 

If this was a thing that went on dinosaur reddit... would it be r/technicallythetruth or r/maliciouscompliance...? :XD:
Devinital's avatar

Could be a bit of both honestly.
Agent36496's avatar
Priceless joke :D
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