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Fossil Fuel #2 - Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE: Fossil Fuel #3 is up now on Patreon!

Fossil Fuel takes place in a world/reality where civilization is run by dinosaurs - but it may be a stretch to call them "civilized". :XD:
This series has been a brainchild of mine for YEARS and I'm honored to finally breathe some life into it thanks to you guys, your support here and on Patreon. :aww:
I hope you'll enjoy these upcoming stories as much as I enjoyed making them. I have literal years worth of material so strap in! Or... "Hold on to your butts."
Tags... are you trying to break the fourth wall? Or do we have a conspiracy theorist on our hands? In any case, Saka is enjoying messing with him just a little too much.

Characters in this strip: Tags (left), Saka (right)
Species: Deinonychus

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Read Fossil Fuel #2 in HD on Patreon

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Fossil Fuel art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras.

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OK, so I'm not the biggest dinosaur fan, but this is hilarious. I can relate, I'm always theorizing alternate universes.
And I do think it's quite possible there's one where the dinosaurs are still around. XD
Brandonb2002's avatar
Talking dinos in clothes interesting
Nala15's avatar
We're just getting started. ;)
Brandonb2002's avatar
Oh I do counting on it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ienzo628's avatar
Who knows maybe this will be the future.
Nala15's avatar
:omg: It could be!

(I've heard of "what's old is new again" but this would be ridiculous. :XD:)
ienzo628's avatar
Truth-lover3712's avatar
"You ever think you shouldn't be here?"
"Everytime my ex walks in" 
Nala15's avatar
Truth-lover3712's avatar
That's gotta Saka
(suck-a) :B
CotyX's avatar
lololol awesome. Just 2 pages of a comic and it's already making me chuckle. I like this alternate reality. xD
Nala15's avatar
Yay! Thank you! :D More Fossil Fuel will be up on the 18th.
Devinital's avatar
I came back to read this (faved and ran) and found it hilarious. Please keep this going.
Nala15's avatar
It will! :D There's a whole world of characters that you have yet to meet. :love:
Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
I think you owe Tags a new drink first, Saka XD
Nala15's avatar
No kidding. :XD: Better give him an extra one to "calm his nerves"... or maybe make his meteor theory more interesting. :XD:
CougarHearted's avatar
I think Saka just back pedalled on Tags, here! ;)
Nala15's avatar
Maaaaaaaybe. :eyes:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
Okay, I can tell that this is gonna be epic XD
Nala15's avatar
Thank you so much! Stay tuned to see more crazy adventures!
TheElvenJedi's avatar
You're welcome! :D I certainly will be, I'm looking forward to it :dummy:
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