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Fossil Fuel #12 - Intro to Paleontology

By Nala15
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Meet Professor Al the Allosaurus. Professor - NaNoEmo 03 He teaches paleontology at Hell's Creek University (HCU). Paleontology in the Fossil Fuel world is something between anthropology and archaeology with a dash of world history. But Brecky has a different path in mind for her education. A VERY different path.... :O_o:

Featured species:
Various small dinosaur species and a ceratopsid

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Fossil Fuel art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras.
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MauEvig's avatar
College bound dinosaurs I see lol
Nala15's avatar
Are they still college bound if they're already AT a college, though? :XD:
MauEvig's avatar
Well if it's a community college, they could be bound to transfer to a university! lol You know what I meant. XD
To be fair, this is the first time I've seen dinosaurs go to college so XD
Nala15's avatar
Yay for firsts! :dummy:
Finsterdrache's avatar

cool, great to have such a long neck. He will never come to late for a shool hour.

Nala15's avatar
CougarHearted's avatar
The question is, how ever does a brontosaurus learn how to surf! XD
Nala15's avatar
Stay tuned. Find out. ;)
Devinital's avatar
So we have a Allosaurus teaching paleontology as a professor with a monocle . . . I think I found my favorite character.
Nala15's avatar
Yay! :D He'll definitely be in more strips.
Hvedrungsson's avatar
I really feel sorry for Al. His classroom is so empty, while paleontology is such an interesting subject.
Nala15's avatar
I know, right!?
Dinofanx's avatar
Well, I would've never been late in my life had I had that neck.. Wrong classroom? Just move your head slightly to the right. 
Nala15's avatar
Ah, the convenience.
Spiritstrike91's avatar
Haha! I love Brecky!
Nala15's avatar
LOL Thanks! She's quite the character, if I can say so myself.
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