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Brothers - Page 8

Mother and sons time continues. :aww: And Uru has learned that a mother's work is never done. :phew:

Next page preview: Get ready for more hunter mode Taka, and the first appearance of hunter-mode Mufasa! :dummy:

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Please mind your language when you comment. I love having feedback, but harsh words/phrases bother me. Thanks! :)

"Betrothed" cover:
(read "Betrothed" first to fully enjoy "Brothers")

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © *Nala15.
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talk it out then we go out for icecream!-humans

lions-Talk it out then lets go kill something! yayyyy!"

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I know I said in a previous page that I've always loved Mufasa or something like that. But one constant in anything, that Scar has been my favorite character in almost anything! Not villian, but character. And I feel so blessed by this fan comic. :D Your art represents him well. :heart:

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Temper, temper
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He got bigger. :XD:
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7th panel: ah. parenthood.
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Parenthood: It can be hell. Get used to it.
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Taka: Temper, temper

Automatically brain thinks: I wouldn't dream of challenging you!

Me: That doesn't exactly work for this Brain
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:giggle: TLK refs ftw! :D
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Taka: Been calling out Mufasa on his temper since 1987
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"Temper, temper..." Where have I heard that line be fore? So great!
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Hmm... I wonder... :plotting:
Thanks! :D
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Ahadi can't even settle an argument. Uru kills off the grumpiness.
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LOL It's something dads have trouble with sometimes. :XD:
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she's a good mother
WolfsbaneQuill31591's avatar
Mothers always know how to handle their children's fights
Nala15's avatar
That seems to be true. :nod:
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Uru knows to stop their argument, I guess
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