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Brothers - Page 5

:nuu: And just when you thought you'd find out what Taka was frightened of, you have to wait another page! :evillaugh: MUHAHAHA- *cough*uh-hem. :hmm: I mean... It looks as though Taka isn't the only prince who's troubled.

Anyways, sorry for the late upload. I've been having some internet issues as of late. They should be fixed now. :D
Stand by for the answer to this mystery! :eager: Run, Mufasa, run!

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Please mind your language when you comment. I love having feedback, but harsh words/phrases bother me. Thanks! :)

"Betrothed" cover:
(read "Betrothed" first to fully enjoy "Brothers")

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © *Nala15.
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I noticed that Betrothed serves as a prequel to this, and I haven't read it yet but, I'm guessing I'll have to read it to understand how they are not fully related?

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Yes, reading Betrothed first will explain all of that. :) Unless you wanna learn more as this comic updates.

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:cry: We don't deserve Mufasa. I've always been a huge fan and super impressed by him in the original movie. People seldom disappoint in fan comics. Just like you in this page! He's so wholesome and concerned here.

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Mufasa already knows they're half brothers?
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Yes. I don't show specifically when he was told this, but he does indeed know the whole story from "Betrothed" like Taka does by now.
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k so Taka and Mufasa are half-brothers....
interesting story develompment...
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Hurry Mufasa Taka might be in trouble
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Mufasa really worries about Taka... I like how he seems to walk alike him (I mean the position in the frame) and is wondering if Taka is jealous. It shows that he really cares for his brother and knows that, while knowing about his true father doesn't bother him, it may bother Taka, making him think he is less than Mufasa and only his "half-brother" (While Mufasa just see them as brothers, no mattering if Taka isn't Ahadi's son).

He already thinks about what goes on with Taka. He knows how he feels, but he isn't sure of what Taka is feeling and doesn't know how to help him.

Amazing work with the characters!!! Really great!!!
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Thanks so very much! :hug: That's exactly what I was going for! :dummy:

Mufasa seems to be on the right track as to what the problem is, but he can't quite pin it down to the EXACT problem. :hmm: And, like you said, he also isn't sure what he can do about it to help him... Some familes are just so complicated...

Thanks again! :glomp:

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I feel so sorry for him... Makes we see how Taka wasn't always mean and how they were innocent... To think how things turned out is quite sad.
Oh, well, if it wasn't like that, there wouldn't be Lion King.
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Yay for another page! Now, unto the long comment.

First, love that in the first panel Mufasa's pose is the same as Taka's pose in the last page. It shows that even though Mufasa and Taka look and act different they still have some similarities, including subconscious similarities such as how someone walks or stands. Also funny that Ahadi's lectures aren't "that boring"; no matter how mature Mufasa is, he's still a cub/kid that can only stand lectures so much. Again, keeping everyone realistic and in-character.

Again, love how Mufasa's pose in the second panel is similar to Taka's in the last page. Mufasa's comment is interesting; instead of focusing on Taka being his half-brother, he's focusing on how Taka may view himself. It's also a great link to the story's title and the main theme; how Mufasa's and Taka's views of their brotherhood effect both their outlook on each other and how they behave around others. Mufasa's observation about Taka being distant despite what Ahadi said about the Circle of Life makes sense given that, in "Betrothed", Rafiki said that Taka isn't part of the land/kingdom. From birth Taka has been the outside, so it makes sense that he would be feel/act distant.

Mufasa also raises an important question; was Taka better off not knowing about his origins? Before Uru told Taka what happened, Taka had no reason to think of himself as beneath than Mufasa, less than a true brother and son, and of not being "worthy" of the land and kingdom. But, as Mufasa pointed out, Taka would've learned the truth eventually; it may have been better now, when he's still young, and told by Uru, the lion Taka knows will always love him. Mufasa's sad, forlorn expression in the fourth panel also helps the readers sympathize with both Mufasa and Taka as they learn how to handle new revelations raised by Uru's story.

It's great seeing Mufasa turn into protective-older-brother mode in the last panel. Great job with Mufasa's expression, too; you can see both Mufasa's urgency to help Taka and his fear about what's happening. The eyes are very expressive, too, instantly capturing the reader's attention.
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I was wondering where you'd been. ;) (And I have page 6 up, too. But please, take your time. :aww: No pressure or anything. :XD:)

Yes, yes, yes, YES!!! :la: Sorry. But that was certainly a metaphor/style choice that I wanted to make clear. The brothers are on different levels for many reasons, but in other ways they are very much the same. And keeping characters realistic and in-character is one of many things I try to keep consistent. Thanks for letting me know that my attention to detail is paying off. :nod:

Very good questions, indeed. And these were brought up for three reasons. 1) To let someone who hasn't read "Betrothed" yet what's going on. 2) Because these questions were brought to my attention while I was working on "Betrothed" and 3) because Mufasa himself has these questions to ponder. I think it realistic to expect he would doubt himself and perhaps blame himself for Taka's issues. Especially since he seems to have arrived at the conclusion that Taka isn't really mad at Uru or Ahadi. (Though that doesn't mean Taka doesn't have discontent for one parent or another.)

I always thought of Mufasa as protective. For anyone in his family and (later) under his immediate rule. I thought of the scene where Mufasa was running to the gorge to rescue Simba when I drew that last panel. So the expression had to be just right. Glad you thought it was! :hug:

And thanks again for your detailed anaylysis! :tighthug:
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Yeah, still recovering from working a lot and a dose of writer's bloke (which is returning...). But I've read page 6 and am already analyzing it! :)

Yes in deed! ;) I find sometimes that similarities between characters can be more surprising than differences, especially for characters that look and act differently. The similarities and difference between Mufasa and Taka is a good reminder that, no matter what, they are brothers. And the little details really do add more to their characters, even if it's something we can't quite identify.

Good way to bring up these questions; I think it also helps the readers connect with Mufasa as he acts as the spokesperson for the readers. And it is realistic for Mufasa to wonder if he's part of the problem; many people naturally look to themselves as the source of a problem if they can't find an answer. Course there's nothing that says Mufasa's completely right...

I can easily see the gorge scene when Mufasa runs. Protectiveness is also a great quality in a future leader/king.

Thanks for another great page to analyze! :D
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I cant find page 6!
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That's because it isn't posted yet.
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It will be soon! ;)
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save to taka¡¡¡¡
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