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Brothers - Page 3

Taka... :no: Either he doesn't get it, or he doesn't want to. Or maybe something else is on his mind... :hmm: Mufasa and Ahadi seem to sense that something's amis.

By the way, I am directly referencing :icondj88:'s lovely animation of Taka for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th panels. I wanted to "include" that animation somewhere. :XD: It's just so good! A few things are different of course (Taka's design, and the dialogue he's saying for one thing), but that was my inspiration here. :aww: Love ya, DJ! :hug:

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Please mind your language when you comment. I love having feedback, but harsh words/phrases bother me. Thanks! :)

"Betrothed" cover:
(read "Betrothed" first to fully enjoy "Brothers")

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © *Nala15.
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My favorite character is Nala forever I love her

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Taka has his mother's sense of humor
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Can you put this comic into a fan fiction? Ouo
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Uh.. the comic IS already a fanfiction. I'm not sure what else you mean... :confused:
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No, I meant like write it in story format :P
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Why would I do that...? It's a fanfic in comic form. I wrote a script for the comic, but if I was going to write a fanfiction, I'd write a fanfiction. This is a comic. I'm just... confused at your request.
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Sorry it was just an idea. Like, for those times when the drawings won't load...

Never mind.
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I love panel three xD
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Thanks! :D It was inspired by :icondj88:'s Taka animation.
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:evillaugh: So it starts.
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I hope so too Ahadi, I hope so too
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I guess Taka thinks that, since he won't be king, he doesn't need lessons. May have to do with his rogue blood too, perhaps?
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Could be... :plotting:
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Can only imagine...
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Yay for another page! Now, onto the long comment.

First, love how you drew Taka in the first panels; there's something just so cat like about it. And, once again, you did a great job keeping Taka realistic in his reactions. First just rejecting the the idea that he can gain something from these lessons and trying to ignore any problems by almost mocking the situation. But, when you think about, it makes sense that Taka doesn't think he's gain any lessons about being a king. For one thing, he just learned that the Great Kings named him "worthless" and "to want" because of something he had no control over; that would make anyone feel pretty off. Plus (after looking through some Betrothed pages again) he learned that he'll never be "worthy" of the land or kingdom, that he is not part of them. Why would he want to learn about the Circle of Life if he'll never truly be part of it?

And, of course, we can't forget Mufasa and Ahadi. It's great seeing Mufasa acting like a worried big brother and relieving some of the tension with his smiles and energy. Another great contrast between Mufasa's lighter mood and Taka's darker mood. Though I can't help but wonder if Mufasa will know what to say, or if Taka will being willing to listen. After all, they're still young and have a lot of maturing to do. Also nice seeing Ahadi doing his best to keep the peace and help his sons. Seems like Ahadi may have an idea about what's bothering Taka but, like his (not related) son, it seems like he doesn't want to accept it. Absolutely love the last panel; you can clearly see and feel Ahadi's apprehension about his sons and some of his optimism beginning to drain.

As always, can't wait for the next page.

Love the grass! It's so pretty.
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Oh, goody! :aww:

Thanks! :D Taka/Scar has always been VERY catlike in my mind. Afterall, his entrance in TLK is catching a mouse, for Pete's sake. :XD:
Why, thank ya. :hug: Again, you're hitting things I haven't really considered, but at the same they they make so much sense. I must have had them in the back of my mind or something.

You'll soon see. ;)
Thanks again for all the wonderful compliments and analyses! :glomp:

P.S. Thanks. But it's just a grass brush with shading effects added. ^^;
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Good point on his entrance. Plus, who can deny characters acting like cats? I just love watching them walk/stalk their prey.

I think everyone has a lot of ideas that we aren't really aware of but still find a way getting out. Plus, I'd imagine after working on a project for years you unconsciously pick up symbols and themes and express them in your art.

Yay for seeing soon! :D

P.S. Ah. What can I say, I'm like a cat; grass/leaves/etc. just always catch my attention. :XD:
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Oh, oh, big reveal incoming. I sense plot points in abundance ;D
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But of course! :bow:
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wow Taka is so alike to his mother XD
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