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Brothers - Page 157

Location  Pride Lands

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Welp. Mufasa seems to have made an official law of the Pridelands thanks to Uru's endorsement. And yes (as some of you pointed out last page) in what may be a possibly-on-purpose (and very rare) reference to TLK 2, this law will be seen again during a certain "roasty-toasty-princess" incident in the Pridelands' future. And this little "loophole" is yet helping a green-eyed lion stay for a while longer.

Can we all agree Taka wanting to keep his long-lost father around is kinda cute?

Also, Uru... those are literally famous last words! :O Maybe DON'T tempt fate??

The characters on this page were colored by AshWolf-Forever - thank you! ^^
Backgrounds for this page were painted by RAP70R. Thanks so much!

Next page preview: Sneaking away . . .

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I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.

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Kelsey112's avatar

Uru, are you stupid? You are Queen because of your husband. And you keep lover under his nose? Again? Do you really want others call Taka - a bastard? I just... Goood... This is sooo. 😓

Nala15's avatar

Things are in for a ride of the bumpy and awkward to say the least. :dead:

LittleBuzz123's avatar

keep up the amazing work!! im loving the story <3

Gingadensetsufan12's avatar

What was the law? I don’t understand

Nala15's avatar

I (and a few others) replied to you on the last page, but I'll offer another explanation here. :)

Mufasa's law: The royal family repays their debts.

The debt in this case is Sarabi's life, which Rehema saved thanks to him helping her walk through the desert. By allowing Rehema to stay instead of enforcing his exile, the royal family is repaying that debt they owe him with hospitality.

This page was pretty great, though the eyes on the third panel kind of freaked me out at first. Was it supposed to be like that? Without irises and anything? Otherwise, I am cautiously looking forward to the next page. Uru, why?

Ahhhh so that's where Mufasa's law, that was discussed in Lion King 2 , came from. Smart smart :3

TotalDramaFan16's avatar

Uru: Nothing to worry about

Baya: Prepare for trouble!

Ahadi, walking: And make it double!

Featherfury's avatar

Famous last words, Uru...

Truth-lover3712's avatar

Me at most panels: Awwww :D

Me at last panel: " Uh oh. 'Nothing to worry about'? On last panel?! :stare: ... I smell trrrouble..."

WolfLion99's avatar

Did you forget Khalfani’s earrims/ear-rims or does they grow away at some point in his adult years like they do for Simba when he’s a teenager?

Nala15's avatar

I legit forgot (or my colorist did). ^^;I might fix them at some point.

WolfLion99's avatar

Okay. I love this comic! Does Naanda, Diku and Dwala exist in your lion king world?

Nala15's avatar

Thank you! :D

You'll have to wait and see on that one. ;)

WolfLion99's avatar

Aha, alright! <3

MauEvig's avatar

Awwww! Taka looks so cute asking his mom if Rehema could stay. He probably wants to get to know his real daddy more. :)

Oh yes Uru...NOTHING to worry about...what could POSSIBLY go wrong? XD

elijahtrevelyan's avatar

Might be just me....but I do NOT have a good feeling about this.,.especially now that she said what she did!

Drakmanka's avatar

Uru, Uru, Uru, don't know that "nothing to worry about" is almost as bad as "what could go wrong?"?

Akatsuhi's avatar

Lovelyyy I'm in love with this Comic series!

Capricornfox's avatar

hmmm.....famous last words?...

Cusackanne's avatar

Whelp, time to get ready for the s*** storm now. ;~;

Korrontea's avatar

I feel like we have something to worry about, I just don't know what, yet

porcodio79's avatar

i'm very worried:worry:

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