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Brothers - Page 156

Location  Pride Lands

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When royals argue, am I right? O-o Also... Khalfani and Uru both have good points. But it makes one wonder how much Khalfani knows about Taka's parentage. It's unconfirmed that he's been directly told, but I'd bet my money that he's inclined to believe (or want to believe) that Taka is Ahadi's son. On the other hand, he might just keep accusations to himself. Not exactly a good idea to tick off the family that literally re-homed you after you had to abandon your old one.

Also sneaky Mufasa is sneaky - again. XD [Insert TLK 2 reference here...]

The characters on this page were colored by our own Patreon Pride member cryptidbean! - thank you! ^^

Next page preview: The Queen (and Prince) has spoken.

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I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.

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maleforthedragoness's avatar

I have to side with Cynder below here. Uru really should let Rehema leave, or it could open up old feelings that might not have ever left. And I think it IS a low blow move to have your ex you had an affair with staying with you while the husband you supposedly love is dying in the gorge alone. :/ the fact she's more defensive of him staying and Taka is more concerned with this stranger because he's his bio dad then the guy who raised him makes me feel so bad for Ahadi. :s

Khalfani is getting a bit of a chewing here but he is definitely looking into the best interest of the family, because he's not wrong at all about any of those possibilities. Those are genuine concerns and it could even cause dangers for Taka. I hope she realizes that eventually and makes the right decision.

I love your storytelling skills in these series Nala. I love seeing characters have actual feelings, make actu mistakes, and struggle through hardships, and I applaud said talent with a fury. :clap: Great work so far!

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar

I think Uru is missing shading in the last panel

Gtfo Rehema you might get in the way of my Uru/Ahadi otp right now >: ( I don't trust em

Great expressions as always :DUru's are the best!!

Nala15's avatar

Yeah, but it's nighttime and there's talk balloons that would cover most of it so I'm letting it slide for now. :XD:

LOL Rehema is definitely in the middle of it all right now.

Thank you! I'm liking them, myself. They're so much fun to do! And yeah, going from holding back frustration-bordering-on-rage to confusion to knowing-slyness is a journey artistically. LOL

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar

True lol I noticed it a few times in the TLK movie itself, it always takes me off guard aha

Rehema need to go skiddadle to somewhere else he ain't got no business here, I'm still sitting holding my "uru x ahadi forever" signs. Ahadi ain't gonna want him back and it feels like some kinda invasion of trust allowing your ex you had a affair on to hang around while dawg l i t e ra l l y d y i n g in the gorge


Lol I don't think I could do subtle emotions myself so you did it perfectly:)

CraftsManKing's avatar

The King of cuteness: *am about to end this lion's whole career*

Truth-lover3712's avatar

Looks like Mufasa has a sound grasp for politics already ;)

Nala15's avatar

I guess he paid attention to Daddy Ahadi's lessons. :giggle:

Gingadensetsufan12's avatar

Sorry but I don’t understand what Mufasa is trying to say can someone please help me understand sorry if I’m being stupid and all

Nala15's avatar

What @Truth-lover3712 and @snowflake12298 said. :aww: Mufasa made up a "law" on a previous page to convince Rehema to stay in the Pridelands even though Rehema is banished by Ahadi. The law says that the royal family owes Rehema a debt for saving Sarabi (when she traveled through the desert), and this gives him pardon to stay if he chooses.

Here's the page where Mufasa first makes up this "law"

Brothers - Page 133

Simba will have this law brought up much later in TLK 2 when Kovu saves Kiara from the fire.

Truth-lover3712's avatar

Well, ya got it all sorted out, don't ya Nala? :D:clap:

Nala15's avatar


I'm glad you think so. :XD:

snowflake12298's avatar

He's trying to make up a law in order to prevent Rehema from being exiled from the pride lands again or have rumors spread about Taka's parentage by Khalfani. Basically saving face in order to keep the argument from escalating. :)

Truth-lover3712's avatar

I think I can help.

You see, Mufasa mentions about a law of repaying debts.

By rescuing Mufasa's betrothed (the future queen no less), Rehema has created a strong lawful point from which he could be pardoned for previous 'crimes'. Seeing as Rehema has never killed anyone from Pride-Rock at this point, and has in fact rescued some, it stands that lawfully he may plead for pardon based on said law.

Does that make sense?

JenOfAllTradesFanart's avatar

Khalfani needs to take a chill pill and mind his own damn business lol

Why he hates Rehema so much is beyond me :C

Nala15's avatar

At this point, Khalfani's motivations seem politically-driven. He doesn't want to see the Pridelands come into chaos more than they have already (even if he might be making a mountain out of a mole hill here). Because it affects him too, whatever happens. He might also see this as kind of a "slap in the face" to Ahadi - just because he's gone suddenly means we get to make the rules change/ignore his rulings?

The bad blood between Khalfani and Rehema is definitely an unfair one, and one that has only been touched on in-comic. Long story short, Khalfani has a dislike for Rehema based on first-impressions AND because Rehema's mother (Khalfani's twin sister) was a terrible individual and he is only reminded of that when he interacts with Rehema. That isn't an excuse for Khalfani's behavior in any case - but that is where he's coming from.

JenOfAllTradesFanart's avatar

Man, I don't think I have sympathy for him anymore then lol. He's a total jerk!

Nala15's avatar

In this moment, he could be seen as one, yes. His prejudice toward Rehema is definitely uncalled for.

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ienzo628's avatar

Nice save, Muffy!

Oooh what a clever boy.

Flemmliplush's avatar

Kinda nice that Uru caught on to the "Law" that Mufasa is referring to.

FreeFallingUp13's avatar

Hold on are you telling me that Simba’s acceptance of Kovu into the pride is a law made up on the spot by baby Mufasa-

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