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Brothers - Page 148


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Rehema's story continues in more tree painting flashbacks! This style was chosen by my Patreon Pride via poll. :aww:

Does anyone remember Howard the mouse and/or George the ant? :iconhowardthemouseplz: :icongeorgetheantplz: Yes, they (along with the unnamed "Gopher" [or hyrax]) were part of the Underground all along, keeping tabs on Baya's murderous, poaching activities! Dun dun DUN!! :O More revelation: Rehema created the Underground with the honey badger Zama (mentioned back on this page). Technically, Zama the honey badger's name was inspired by a certain character's catchphrase from TLG, but that's where the connection ends, I assure you. LOL If you wanna use anything more for a headcanon, though, be my guest. :XD:

More-more revelation: Does that lioness in the painting look familiar to anyone?

I colored the characters and did the "tree painting" flackback images for this page myself, but the "tree bark" background is courtesy of my new background artist. More on her later. ;) Thanks so much for your help!

Next page preview: Paradise won . . .

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Italian by Menchieee Click here to go to the forum. [translated by the community. Grazie!]
The story before "Brothers":
Betrothed Cover by Nala15 

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.
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Aaaaaaaaawwwaarrrd! I bet that’s his new mate. 😳

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Ninja, why are you leaving links to your videos on things that have nothing to do with the videos you're linking? I appreciate it when comments are kept ON topic. Thank you.

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Why on patreon?:cries:

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Because my Patreon Pride gets the privilege of seeing pages first. :) (They support me by helping me pay my bills so I can do more art. This is how I thank them for their generosity.)

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*ding ding!* Correct! :thumbsup:

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its being more interesting day by day

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Glad you think so! :D

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Well, even if it's a small connection, it's still a nice little nod to TLG. XD Even if you aren't particularly fond of the series.

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Pule looks rather pretty in the tree painting style! :heart:

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I mean... anything's better than being a rug, right? ^^;(even though here, she's also technically "flat" ... I'll see myself out... :blush:)

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That’s Pule (that’s her name, right?), Noka’s mother!!!! :la:

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You're correct! :la:

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I LOVE your comic!

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Aww! Thank you so much! Especially thank you for reading it! :glomp:

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Will we ever know if Rehema’ll have or if he has had another love interest other than Uru? :iconnala15:

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Time will tell. ;)

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