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Brothers - Page 115

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Character  Uru (The Lion King)Character  Taka and Mufasa (The Lion King)Character  RafikiLocation  Pride Lands
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Poor Uru's out on account of her injuries. :sniff: Looks like it's up to Rafiki and Mufasa and Taka to sort out this mess. Hopefully things go better this time? :fingerscrossed:
And seriously, sir buffalo? Those lion cubs AND the baboon put together weigh less than your whole head. Shut up and let them ride, eh?

Special! :la: Two lionesses who belong to two of my Patreon Pride members make a cameo appearance in this page (and the previous page)! 
(I modded their designs ever so slightly.)

My newest colorist took on the job for this page once again: my Patreon Pride member (and the very talented) Grizzleteeth! (Also grizzleteeth on DA.) Thanks so much for the awesome coloring help once again! :D

Next page preview: A bone to pick...

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The story before "Brothers":
Betrothed Cover by Nala15 

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.
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MytokyokittyHobbyist Digital Artist

LOL! I can just imagine Taka's complaining while riding the buffolo:

Scar Ow ow ow! How do you ride these things?

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Dinofanx Writer

I love the expression in the 4th panel

Cianna200's avatar

Mufasa already showing his potential as a great king at such a young age. :)

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LauraEarthriderHobbyist General Artist

I'm glad Uru's resting, but Taka might bring trouble upon himself by leaving with the others...

TotalDramaFan16's avatar

Taka: I'm going too!

Me: You are keeping dumbass here before you cause more trouble!

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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist

Hmm. I really wonder how Taka and Mufasa's relationship is going to go wrong. They seem pretty close right now. What happened? :o

Cianna200's avatar

Or perhaps they are dropping their differences aside for now. Seeing how they must now cooperate because of the terrible circumstances. :)

legendaryicebreaker's avatar
legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist

True... and I suppose Ahadi and Uru aren't yet out of the woods yet.

Cianna200's avatar

Unfortunately not, and I worry Ahadi's time is coming shortly, his bleeding was internal. Don't think he's gonna make it. :(

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i cant tell if the buffalo is using sarcasm or not and so begins the march

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Congrats on reaching 105 pages!

Awesome story as always!

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CusackanneHobbyist Digital Artist

Why do I imagine the buffalo is being a tad sarcastic? X'D

But oh man, this will only end so well... DX

Phoenix2718's avatar
Phoenix2718 Digital Artist

OoH NO! Taka? Hyenas? AND Rafiki? this will not go well :(

CougarHearted's avatar

I think I felt the agonizing pain that Uru is in on the forth frame! T_T

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Nala15Professional Digital Artist

Then my work here is done.

Still... :(

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Always a delight to see a new page come up 🙂 Thanks, Nala!
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Nala15Professional Digital Artist

:bow: And it's just as big of a delight for me to see you enjoying a new page! :D Thank you! :hug:

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