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Brothers - Page 113

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Well, well. Look who escaped Baya's executioners. :la: It's Tai, the Pridelands matriarch and her mate Kanali. Tai seems to have escaped without so much as a scratch, but Kanali wasn't so lucky. But maybe at least lucky enough to have scored himself a leaf dressing.

Tai and Kanali are outraged at what's happened (perhaps rightly). Can Uru, the brothers, or Rafiki come up with a solution? :eager:

My colorist for this page is AshWolf-Forever. Thanks so much, Ash! :D

Next page preview: That escalated quickly...

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The story before "Brothers":
Betrothed Cover by Nala15

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.
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WolfPawstepsStudent Writer

Having just rediscovered and binged your two comics, I greatly enjoy your take on their back story (That they did love each other just had very different ways of solving issues and that led to conflict and likely them eventually falling out) and while this is dramatic it feels very real. I've also enjoyed watching your art style develop and get better as the comics progressed!

HazTiger3000's avatar

To be honest, I'm happy these two are alive.

Truth-lover3712's avatar
Truth-lover3712Hobbyist Digital Artist

That's Rafiki for saying

"I feel very much like kicking some invaders' arses"

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
Cynderthedragon5768Hobbyist Digital Artist


what thef

The-Purgatory-City's avatar

Wait, how did Tai escape without getting hurt??

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

I'd like to think Kanali used himself as a shield.

Flemmliplush's avatar

I wish these hyenas get some justice. Though considering which hyenas are still in/near the pridelands by the time of the movie, I have a feeling Taka ends up denying them that. One way or another. If that was the case, then I guess they end up having to wait until he's an adult for that justice to come.

TotalDramaFan16's avatar

Someone looks guilty

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

Just... just a little bit... Markiplier What? (The Cutest Little Warfstache)

TotalDramaFan16's avatar

He better get his story straight!

Dinofanx's avatar
Dinofanx Writer

I know this makes me a terrible person. But imagine what it looked like for Kanali to make his way to Pride rock.

"Who put this tree there. OW! And this rock?!"

I'm so, so, so sorry. hahaha

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

That's hilarious! :XD: I feel a comic strip coming on...

Dinofanx's avatar
Dinofanx Writer

Oh God, that's be amazing! :XD:

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DrakmankaHobbyist General Artist

Taka, Taka, Taka, looks like there will be consequences for your rashness after all... sooner than you expected...

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist


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Awesomejawson12345 Digital Artist

You know I don’t like Uru but she did really nothin wrong. Hope they don’t hate her and her family for it :/

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

Totally. It technically wasn't her fault.

Cianna200's avatar

Poor guy is completely blind but didn't he take part in the stampede earlier? And I know for certain that Taka is not going to want them going anywhere near the other hyenas, they are going to learn the truth. Also nice contrast of Scar being in the dark and Mufasa in the light. Disney did a similiar thing to contrast between good and evil. :D

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

Technically he did. Whether he was the one who was there who riled up the buffalo or not, he agreed to it, thanks to Taka's plan.

Thanks! :D And yes, they did. Including the main colors of their respective characters.

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SpiritedWolf1000Student General Artist

Wait...they took out his eyes?! That's just cruel and brutal, and on top of that it's Taka's fault for letting them do it! He's gonna regret it sooner or later...

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist

Indeed so... And even if retribution doesn't happen until WAY later...

Scar will still get eaten by hyenas AND burned alive so...

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist


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who is they

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