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Brothers - Page 101

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Two buffalo descend into the gorge. Two buffalo come back up, but only one is laden with precious cargo - Queen Uru. And it looks like Ahadi won't be coming up to join her. Not for a while, at least. Mufasa gets the bad news. How will he take it?

My colorist for this page is Malika-Draws. Thanks so much, Malika and welcome to the Brothers colorists team! As you can see, she colored the character flats for a full, multi-panel page this time, and did an excellent job! :D

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The story before "Brothers":
Betrothed Cover by Nala15
(read "Betrothed" first to fully enjoy "Brothers")

I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!
The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.

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Hunter5782Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Poor cubbies

Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86's avatar
Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86Hobbyist General Artist
Why is this continued on patreon? It would be nice if the continuation was uploaded here on DA , because not everyone can get, and not everyone has patreon, and some of us can't even afford to pay for patreon. 
Hunter5782's avatar
Hunter5782Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Ma'am maybe you should be a little patient considering nala15 works very hard. And plus the patreon people pay to get an advantage on pages.

Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86's avatar
Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86Hobbyist General Artist
I know she works very hard. She already gave me a response explaining about the Patreon people. Your comment to me wasn't really needed, but thanks anyway. 
Hunter5782's avatar
Hunter5782Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I didn't see her comment sorry

Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist
It IS continued here on DA. :aww: Patreon has one or two pages ahead of what's here. And I update both here and on Patreon most every Wednesday. :) That said, page 102 will be uploaded here on Feb. 26th. I'm happy you're enjoying the comic!
I understand that not everyone can use Patreon and/or support artists financially. That's why the majority of my work (including Brothers) is still posted for free. 
Also thank you to Tenebra-Fengari for answering this question.
Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86's avatar
Aiko-Emerald-Vixie86Hobbyist General Artist
I understand. thanks. 
Nala15's avatar
Nala15Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome! :aww:
Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
Tenebra-FengariHobbyist Writer
The next page will be uploaded here on dA; Patreon peeps just get first dibs, that's all.
Dinofanx's avatar
Dinofanx Writer
Ohhh. :(
TotalDramaFan16's avatar
I wonder how Taka is gonna feel about this
ParisLondonCoburg's avatar


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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
The Royal family seems to have bad luck when it comes to gorges.
Mytokyokitty's avatar
MytokyokittyHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconohnoesohplz:Cry forever 

This can't be good :( and Taka hugging Uru, it's so heartbreaking! :cry: 
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Musicalmutt2Hobbyist Digital Artist

he's gonna freak out and blow the secret nnnnnnn ;0; I love this comic so much Nala you always keep me on the edge of my seat!! <3 <3 <3
HazTiger3000's avatar
When Mufasa tells Uru to keep holding on, it makes me think of the Avril Lavigne song.  
SpiritedWolf1000's avatar
SpiritedWolf1000Student General Artist

Oh no....Why Ahadi? I have a feeling Mufasa's going to break down. We shall see. Keep it up Nala!!!^^

Drakmanka's avatar
DrakmankaHobbyist General Artist
Ooooooooof, that's a kick in the feels. Mufasa might be losing his dad the same way Simba will lose him someday?? :noes:
axels-temptation's avatar
poor dear Mufasa will he blame Taka? Will the brotherhood come to an end :O
CougarHearted's avatar
You can tell just by looking at Mufasa that his ENTIRE world is caving in around him! =(

Also, major, major, MAJOR kudos to those buffalo for climbing down AND up from the gorge. That must NOT be an easy feat for creatures who lack opposible thumbs. And one of them was carrying Uru on his back, too! :omg:
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
Cynderthedragon5768Hobbyist Digital Artist
Plot twist: Ahadi get's amnesia and forgets he adopted Taka so Uru has to explain she cheated on him again lmao

Also time for Taka to get taken to court >: (
Not for Ahadi or Uru but because I'm still made about my favorite monkey D Y I N G somewhere
Malika-Draws's avatar
Malika-DrawsHobbyist Filmographer
I am so happy to be in group now and can't wait to what is written in the next pageXD
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay.... I can sense this is gonna be why Mufasa treat Taka badly in his adulthood.
I still hope Ahadi will survive this... but if he's not, I can totally understand if this cause Mufasa to change his attitude toward his brother :(
Truth-lover3712's avatar
Truth-lover3712Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's Rafiki for
"Diagnosis? Broken ribs, he dead soon, sorry." 

:dummy: ...too soon?
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