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This page was posted at the end of July for my Patreon Pride. If Brothers was a printed book, this would take up a two page spread - hence the term "splash page" (which can also technically mean a single comic page that is one scene with no panels). 

Not exactly a happy scene, but it is a big one - and one that reveals and confirms some information from Rehema's "tree painting" story/flashback. The lion pride Rehema was staying with was indeed Noka and Ali's pride. Baya's hyenas are attacking them to kill them after the cubs attempt to escape. This scene is one of the final moments before Ali and Noka were the only ones who were able to escape with their lives and make a run for the Pridelands. Where they are later discovered by the cubs: Sarabi, Sarafina, Mufasa, and Taka. You may recognize the lioness in the middle as Pule, who is Noka's mother. She later is seen as Baya's "throw rug" sitting place.
Also, while they were present, Rehema and Baya aren't seen in this illustration. Reasons to be disclosed later, perhaps. ;)

Also, also, this is how this scene affected Noka (blue-eyed cub under the lioness in the middle) and Ali (the maned lion), after they escape to the Pridelands:
Brothers - Page 45 by Nala15 Brothers - Page 46 by Nala15 Brothers - Page 75 by Nala15
(selected pages from Brothers)

This "page" was colored by (and partly composed with assistance from) Cynder. Thanks so much for helping me get this one done! :D 

Next page preview: Escape to the present . . .

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Page 151:  Brothers - Page 151 by Nala15
Page 152 (for real): :evillaugh: (next Wednesday!)| Read on Patreon now!
Page 153: Available on Patreon now!

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Italian by Menchieee Click here to go to the forum. [translated by the community. Grazie!]
The story before "Brothers":
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I am dedicating this comic "Brothers" to all of the fans who inspired and encouraged me while I was working on "Betrothed." Without you, this sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you. And if you're just tuning in, welcome aboard!

The Lion King, Mufasa, and Scar © and TM Disney. Art and original comic story "Brothers" © Nala15.

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JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar

Epic and very grave. This is what war is.

Nala15's avatar

War is hell. :(

(I'm glad that feeling gets across here.)

RedRebel5's avatar

Great page! Hate these d— hyenas!

Nala15's avatar

They're a bunch of greedy jerks. :shakefist:

EffraSorbus's avatar

Wow, what a "page"! The composition is just stunning - absolute chaos, but the layout is so well planned and thought out so that it doesn't feel messy. And the desperation on the lions' faces is clear to see ;__;

Amazing work!

Nala15's avatar

Thanks so very much! :hug:

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar

Man this was such fun to do!:D

Btw you never sent me the full version completed ; ( I want it for a wallpaper!!

The shading looks so good here :DI always love red shading!!

BullerThePirate's avatar

So well done both of you!! It's an amazing piece!

Cynderthedragon5768's avatar

Thanks Buller!

but I only did stick figures reference for the placement of the characters and the coloring(flats) x) Nala did most of the work! I think she did a astounding job and its currently my wallpaper :D

BullerThePirate's avatar

Composition and coloring can be a pain in the butt too, don't underestimate your work ;)

Nala15's avatar

I definitely forgot to send you that, BUT I have fixed that as of now. :XD:

Thanks again for your help on this! It definitely was a lifesaver for me. Yeah, shading was time-consuming but totally worth it! Glad you think so too. :aww:

Nateumstead's avatar

Damn, so much chaos

This is really impressive

Nala15's avatar

Thank you! :D

Yeah, the lions aren't getting out of that one unscathed. :(

Nateumstead's avatar

You're welcome

It's gonna be a massacre

erikahs132922's avatar

this is... brutal

very impressive.

Nala15's avatar

Definitely lives lost in the aftermath of this scene. :sniff:

Thank you! It's one of the biggest character pieces I've done to date. @Cynderthedragon5768 was very helpful with layout and colors. :)

CougarHearted's avatar

You can tell that a MASSIVE skirmish is going on here with all the dust being thrown about. And holy smokes it must have taken a lot of work and dedication to draw so many characters in one piece. :faint: This piece is exceedingly well-done, Nala!

Nala15's avatar

I was inspired by photos and videos of lions clashing with hyenas in the hours right before dusk. Usually a lot of dust involved - and here I used it to help with pushing characters into the background, or bringing others forward to give depth. Also yeah, chaos. Raising dust = definitely chaos.

Thanks so much, Coug! :hug:It was a collaborative effort with @Cynderthedragon5768 who helped with layout and colors, and we're both proud of the final result too. :aww:

CougarHearted's avatar

You're most welcome! :glomp:

Polarliger's avatar

as a Norwegian, that's an extremely unfortunate name for Noka's mother XDDD

BullerThePirate's avatar

Oh goodness I just noticed too, it's the same in Denmark xD

Nala15's avatar

Good thing it's a Sotho. ^^; It's amazing when the same letter combo shows up in completely different parts of the world and can mean TOTALLY different things. XD REALLY, totally different things.

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