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Bernie the Badger #17 - Ice-Ice Badger

By Nala15
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*cue an ooooold Ice Cube track*

Old Man Winter has come to the northern hemisphere, and Bernie's forest home is a winter wonderland now. :snowing: The clever badger that he is, Bernie knows how to have a good time when the pond freezes over . . . until a rather large friend tries the same with less than graceful results. (Dang, Mr. Bear, you were supposed to be hibernating by now! :XD:)

What adventure will Bernie get into next time? :eager:

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Bernie the Badger art and characters © Nala15, Fox & Pearl Press. Comic colorist: Rasgonras.
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Whoopsie! Looks like that ice is thick though... hopefully thick enough...
Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
Hope they get their tails off that ice before it breaks ^^;
CougarHearted's avatar
Bernie needs to work more on his gracefulness and agility on ice! XD
VioletWhirlwind's avatar
Awww...poor bear.  He just wants to join the fun!
JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar
This is me on any slic surface or roller skates. I spent a full week once, almost all day every day trying to learn how to roller skate. By the end of it I came to the realization that I was not put on this earth to roller skate. XD
Rasgonras's avatar

I don't know what the problem is, you just keep your feet under your body and roll around ^^

JK I know it's hard.

JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar
Lol those things are evil!
VioletWhirlwind's avatar
same.  When I was a kid the local roller-skating place had this "beginners" area...which was like a hallway with safety railings to hang onto...I pretty much spent all my time (when I went to the place) there, clinging to the railing. XD'
JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar
Let’s be honest, skates are a torture contraption. I probably looked like a deer on ice.:lol: 
Nala15's avatar
Oh no! :pat: Poor you. But I can relate. :giggle: I've tried on and off to learn how to skate (ice or roller skate) to no avail. I'll just watch someone else do it. :XD:
JunkDrawerAdopts's avatar
Yeah leave it to the pros!Laughing LOL 
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