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Batini - TLK OC

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Published: May 15, 2020
© 2020 Nala15
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In honor of Betrothed's upcoming 10th anniversary, I thought I'd celebrate. :aww: (Also... HOW has it been that long?! HOW?!)
And I'm starting with updating as many of the character refs as I can! :la: Next up is Queen Batini, Sarabi's mother. :heart:
Batini: "inner thoughts" - Swahili
Queen of the Northern Desert
Mate: Khalfani
Sister: Chaka
Daughter: Sarabi | Grandson: Simba
Parents: TBA
Voice Actor: Zoe Saldana
Batini, it seemed, was born acting like the princess she is. Always calm, always seeming to know what to say and do. This serves her well and gives her a jump-start in diplomacy, especially when she takes it upon herself to explain to her parents how she and her sister got into messes and mischief. Like most royal cubs, Batini is betrothed at an early age to a young royal from another kingdom. Batini and Chaka are the last of their family's royal line and their parents are old when they are born. As part of the betrothal, The Northern Desert Kingdom offers Batini and Chaka's parents a place to retire (a secret oasis) and in turn, they give all of their old territory (which includes the largest portion of the river basin) to the now, much-larger Northern Kingdom. The sisters are inseparable and often go together to visit Batini's betrothed and his own sister as they grow up. When Batini goes to marry and live with her betrothed, King Khalfani, Chaka comes with her and rarely leaves her side.

Queen Batini's first years of ruling the Desert Kingdom with King Khalfani are peaceful for the most part. However, everyone notices that their lands have had longer and longer periods of drought and searing heat each year. Food and water became difficult to find. Even with Chaka's scouting and navigation skills, paired with those of their majordomo hornbill Zamir, living in their homeland started to look more like a fight for survival rather than living. To further complicate matters, Khalfani and Batini try and fail to have cubs. Over and over again, over many, many years. Only one baby is ever born, and he never takes a first breath. The trauma is nearly enough to make Batini wish she'd never wanted to be a mother. Instead, she holds out hope that maybe the Great Kings will bless her with a prince or princess after some more time.

Adding insult to injury, during the worst part of the drought that they'd experienced yet, Batini's husband falls ill with an unknown sickness. Chaka blames the drought, but Khalfani (partially delirious from stress no doubt) thinks it might be the work of something more sinister. During this time, Batini also discovers that she's actually pregnant again. Though she is cautiously optimistic, she isn't she if her pregnancy is a blessing or a curse. It will be another mouth to feed and getting enough food for herself was hard enough when she wasn't with cub. To add to her doubts, Khalfani's illness worsens with time and nothing seems to help. He goes more and more mad and paranoid at anything, even Batini. Together, Chaka and Batini plot to lead their now-wandering pride to the Pridelands in search of help. They know Khalfani would agree if he were stable. It was something he talked about at length, before his illness, that the pride should resort to if they continued to have trouble finding food and water. The sisters start the journey - making sure that the increasingly-paranoid king doesn't notice. He'd already started mumbling to himself that he was sure someone was following them and stealing any scraps of food from the meals they happened to catch.

One day, Chaka surprises the pride with a huge topi meal. Batini is overjoyed as this would be the first full stomach she (and most of the pride) would have had in weeks. However, their meal is interrupted when a strange lion, calling himself Khalfani's nephew Rehema, introduces himself to the pride and asks for food. Before she can say a word, Batini is knocked aside by Khalfani, rouses instantly from his sleep at Rehema's approach. Khalfani yells accusations at his nephew and hardly lets him get a word in about his own difficult situation. Khalfani commands Rehema to leave immediately and that he will not show mercy if he seems him again. Rehema seems to know it's better to obey because he leaves quickly. Batini tries to intervene but her words fall on deaf ears as Khalfani only sways and mumbles incoherently as he watches Rehema disappear out of sight. When he doesn't do so on his own, Batini pulls him back into the shade of the dead tree they were eating under and tries to comfort him with quiet singing.

Soon, and almost not soon enough, the Desert Pride arrives in the Pridelands. Batini and two of other lionesses help Khalfani continue the slow march forward. They feel grass under their blistered paws for the first time in months and try to hold back tears of joy. Batini watches as Chaka sprints to Pride Rock to announce their arrival to the Prideland royal family. She only hopes that they've arrived in time. A small stirring in her large belly seems to be trying to tell her that everything is soon to be better.
The comics:
Betrothed Cover by Nala15  Brothers Cover by Nala15
Original ref: Batini Ref Sheet by Nala15

Batini design created by and © Nala15. Art © Nala15.
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Wow, very nice design!

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She has a bit more of a regal and motherly look to her and cubby is adorable
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Her leg spots look adorable on her cubby self! :love: