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A Royal Pain - [HB Juffs]

Simba didn't learn anything after all. :|
blow rafiki 
Behold! It's the spiritual successor to my last TLK comic strip I made for :iconjuffs: (for a contest that happened about 7 years ago) A Royal Bother - CE by Nala15.
Now that it's Juffs's birthday today (it's already the 23rd in Australia time), I wanted to do something special for her and scratch my TLK comic strip itch at the same time. 
If you don't know who Juffs is, please go check her out! She has some amazing TLK art - most of it is cute and funny - including comics just like this one (but hers are funnier, in my opinion :XD:).

Happy birthday, Juffs! :hug:

The Lion King © and TM Disney. Art © :devnala15. Gift for Juffs and she can do what she wants with it.
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© 2020 - 2021 Nala15
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It was at this moment that Rafiki knew he’d f***d up.

And that’s when Mufasa unleashed the wrath of the Kings of the Past on Rafiki.

“And don’t think I‘ve forgotten about the day you held me up over a cliff when I was a baby, asshole!”

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Talking about "Knocking" Some senses Eh.
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I can't really hide it, this is so

. Great art , poor simba .

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lesson learned: learn your own strength before you swing that staff
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If a stick swung from a baboon was enough to kill Simba, really how long was he gonna survive against Scar?!
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Seeing as how none of this happened in the movie, it doesn't matter now, does it? :XD:
Also, it clearly took TWO swings to do that much damage.

Also, also - that's Mufasa's ghost, not Simba's. But seeing it that way doesn't ruin the joke, I feel.
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I've known that scene since childhood, I know whose spirit is imprinted in the sky!
That just means that spirit dad got to see his former royal shaman commit regicide on the Pride Lands' potential new king, he had a front row seat!
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Nala15!!!! *lionpiles!!!* onmygosssh this is amazing!!! I haven't checked deviantart for a little while, but i'm so glad i decided to log in randomly! 

This is so funnnneyy!! Simba didn't learn anything at all hahaha Simba's reaction in the 3rd panel and muffy's one is priceless. Homg, that did-you-just-kill-my-son look of ghosty Muffy <3333

I also love action rafiki in the second panel. That's so awesomely done.

Thank you Nala15! What a wonderful surprise!! *HUGS*
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LOL! :rofl:

Well Simba, you should have dodged that. Rafiki has a lot of explaining to do. :giggle:
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Simba: *wakes up* Ugh, my head...
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Lol I love how Mufasa has that look of "Seriously Rafiki??"
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Or is that Simba?? Either way that's hilarious
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This is perfect! XD
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I mean it was Simba's fault! All those bugs make him sluggish! XD
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