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Yeah, I finished it, FINALY!
I havent been drawing for days, just a lot of failed sketches.

Now I finished something, thank god!

I made some handmade fire this time, instead of the lame way I usually do fire.

My OC Ettery : 3
I apologize for the lame highlight coming from the wrong directions XD
kinda satisfied though.
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Holy........ O___O
first of all,i want to say im so happy you finished it XD
i think one of my favourite thing here is his looks pretty real!
wow the fire is so amazing...i should useyour tutorial X'D
well,i really can't find anything that seems wrong here XD
he looks like a maniac,which i love it XD
m getting hot only by looking at those flames.. they look so real O:
i think his wings also came out really good!
also really enjoy the design of the clothes and scythe O:
it looks like you've put a lot of effort in it.
its really amzing...
i love this drawing..good job.
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I only used the tutorial for the fire in the front, the fire behind him... I improvised XD
but thank you so much for this critique!
I started to cry out of happiness T_T
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no no on't cry! i won't write anymore critiques! XD
and no problem :3
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but I cried because I was sooo happy! XD
ochiba1110's avatar
XDDD still!
i don't want to make yuo cry x'D
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but I love to cry out of joy 8D
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Damn.....your OC is badass! The rendering of his wings and weapon are astounding! The flames are definitely that of anime style. Is he insane? lol
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I think this is really cool! Have you seen Chronos Crusade? (he made me nostalgic.... CHRONOS!!)
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Chrono crusade is my favorite manga <3
rheaosylvandras's avatar
YEA!! (it's soooo sad..! bittersweet in both manga and anime)
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TEACH ME YOUR INCREDIBLE FIRE-DRAWING SKILLS D8 I can't do it without brushes. ^^; I love the crazy expression on his face. X3
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I'm not that good myself, I've done a fire tutorial, but it isnt like the way I did on this one XD
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i like the fire and the scythe =]
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Definately looks like you've been working on it for days. It looks great! =D
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Ettery ser lagom galen ut. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Jag älskar det. 8D
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gawd the colouring looks just fabulous :3: and I love his scythe and that grin on his face <3 Really Awesome work! :3
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D8!!!!!*blink Blink* mee snyggaste svärdet!!älska elden!!ARRGH!!!!*det e som knark!!xD*(..inte för at jag vet nåt om att ta knark då..OOxD)
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jag undrar varför han är så himmla glad för XD
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han älskar o döda folk som "svek" honom? XD
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