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February 17, 2013
Embed tweet in Journal by =NAkos

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Featured by bradleysays
Suggested by gillianivyart
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Embed tweet in Journal


What is this?

Twitter have a not well known but good to use feature: embedding tweets on websites.
You can use that by going to the selected tweet's own page (by clicking on its date) and clicking on "more" button.

When it embeded properly it gives you more functionality (reply, fav, retweet, follow). deviantART currently kills the script tag that makes this possible.

Why is it important?

Journals are written about lot of things, and there are lot of cases when a tweet can give plus information to given topic. Making tweets look good helps everyone, and it have a really nice "works with every layout" design.


I see two good ways for this.

  1. Journals have the twitter script in header so when a twitter embed code placed in tweets render well.

  2. Using already existing da:embed tag like this: <da:embed profile="twitter" id="tweet_id_goes_here" > this would be perfect as the tag represents embedding media. This time it would be a tweet.
(thanks for =deviant-garde for comments that led me to come up with methods of embedding)

DD info: Thank you for the DD :) Here is the comment of `GillianIvy about why she suggested it as a DD: [link]

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aqlaam's avatar
Hello, sir.
I would like to ask:
Can I do this embedding method in a status update? Is this possible?
NAkos's avatar
This is not even possible in Journals. This was a suggestion. It got a DD. Then nothing happened.
aqlaam's avatar
I am sorry for disturbing... I didn't think about that XD

[Hope it will be happened really]
amanda4quah's avatar
Why is this STILL not part of reality??!?!?
Astrikos's avatar
:la: This is lovely!
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^Though articulate, that one user sure does write long and detailed complaints for why this piece doesn't deserve a dd, forever alone much. I can't help but :lol: :facepalm: smh, then :lol: again. :censored:
Apparently not EVERYONE! knows about skimming, nor cross posting.
When browsing through da (or any other VISUALLY DRIVEN websites,) I usually go by the thumbnail of the deviation rather than browse through the entire torrent of somewhat related materials to just get what I really wanted to find initially in my head.
If it really catches my eye, I'd (most likely) go to all means possible to learn more about the post, i.e. clicking on the embedded (thumbnail) tweet of the page, then following it through to the page where it was originally located. Voila! A.I.D.A achieved!
Now the same goes for cross posting.
If you are running a business with your art, then you would certainly promote it right? Instead of just posting it individually per site, if you are running multiple sites but your main platform is da, then why not opt for lessened clicks //I know YOU know wth I'm talking about! The hold left click mouse, drag to highlight (Ctrl+A's (if proof read x4x4x4 - A LOT of work I know)), Ctrl+C's, Alt+Tab's, Ctrl+V's, hold mouse, left click on submit, wait to load--shebang. Not all of us have all the time in the world to sit hours if not days in front of a monitor | screen. We also have other venues of the business and real life to tend to.
Stop beating around the bush and just blast the darn plant, hit (you just don't know if) multiple birds with one stone (oh so now you get the idea). //Pardon me for the fist-to-face conveyance of the message albeit being graphic (if you like that visualization in your mind) of some sort.
I'm :stfu: now.

I for one approved of this suggested feature.
^Short and concise.
NAkos's avatar
This was the suggesters point to, that is why it got suggested as turned out. :)
ArtByGemini's avatar
Congrats on the daily deviation! Deviant art is currently a bit iffy with other forms of social media I've found (however it is trying to interact better) so this is a useful idea, and I would like to see it implemented in future :) DeviantArt plz!
NAkos's avatar
dA have lot of twitter accounts for example. This was one thing I kept in mind while I done this. :)
miontre's avatar
what a Daily Deviation is*
miontre's avatar
The hate here is completely unnecessary .. funny how it's all coming from people who don't really understand what a Daily Deviation, what the dA Related category is, and what this deviation is even about .. don't make a complaint before knowing what you're complaining about! :no:

Anyway, congrats on your Daily Deviation! It's a good suggestion. :)
NAkos's avatar
Thank you :) I got used to this kind of stuff, this is not the first time I see stuff like this. If is remember this is why $namenotrequired had articles about "deviantART related category as DD material?" before.
Unpredictabloo's avatar
I don't have a twitter, but I think it's a wonderful idea.
gillianivyart's avatar
I'm so glad you got the DD. Sorry people art griefing that this is "not art".

I suggested the DD, anyone who wants to ask me why I suggested a suggestion to the deviantART Related category, please feel free to ask. The purpose of featuring work like this is to give it exposure and feedback for whether or not there is support or interest in the feature suggested. It is not a matter whether or not it is art. People may think the only things in dA related cat that deserve DD's are the deviant ID's. But the purpose of being featured is to share the idea/creation/art/etc with the community at large. It is not an award, it does not mean that an art work/whatever is the epitome of awesome. It means it is something being shared with the entire community by the CV's for whatever reason they decide.

I asked to not have my reason added as it was unpolished and I like to give either a good quote or none at all. I thought a suggestion would be obvious why it is shared... Feedback from the community whether or not they are interested in a feature like this. Support or lack of interest. Not whether it deserves this place instead of art... Each CV gets 1 year to serve, that's 365 days they can feature something in their category. Art gets plenty of features. Ideas deserve featuring as well. Like the idea or not, that is the point. Voice an opinion about the idea so deviantART knows if there is interest.

This da code suggestion could be embellished on to be an RSS feed for integrating other sites into a journal. I think in this social age where networking is key for artists to gain recognition, such an advancement would be useful. There is already the Twitter widget, but if you wanted to embed a specific tweet from other users, etc, it would be a more eloquent looking solution to use an embed code than to make a link and copy & paste the quote.
CaptainKetamine's avatar
I think the hate on this is unnecessary, this certainly isn't the worst thing to get a DD, but hey, this actually could make a page more interesting. I might actually get a twitter just to use it. Thanks, =NAkos :)
NAkos's avatar
This is the point. Twitter is important these days along with other social stuff. Journals are perfect place for info like this :)
Alien-Exile's avatar
PS: I also thought it was very poor show on your part to berate the guy who questioned why it was a DD and said it was "terrible".

You were happy to accept one line comments that were positive, without requiring further comment on why they thought it was good enough to qualify for a DD. So why require a more precise critique from someone who thought it was terrible and unworthy?

Please have some consistency when responding to both praise and criticism.
NAkos's avatar
Negative comments need to be dig further maybe they can say something that can improve given work BUT insulting with one liner is just stupid. On the other hand a "good work" type of comment not something that I need to question further. The person likes it. I don't even think in context of DD. I am happy if he likes it. If a positive comment writer wants to tell me what he likes about it I am happy about it too. But I will not asking for it, as I don't wait anyone to ask me for my opinion on "why I like something". If people likes it that is enough information about that I do it right.

But if somebody doesn't like it then it is real information to know what that person didn't like about it. Maybe that person see other points worth considering and I am happy if he shares it with me. At times I agree on other times it just don't fit with my views and I don't change for that person. I like this kind of negative critique. But it needs more than "It's terrible!!!!" If you read further in those comments she didn't even understand the concept of deviantART related suggestion category. So there were no valid point in her argument. If I don't play with her a little we never come to that.
Alien-Exile's avatar
To respond to all of your points in both replies:

Regarding the idea recieving a DD:
I realise that this did NOT take the place of another DD. I do know how to suggest something for a DD, have read the process info, and have suggested things for DD in the past. It would of course help if the volunteers actually read those messages though (which is not your fault they don't).
I do also realise that you didn't request the DD.

Regarding protecting your idea:
I don't believe there is anything to protect about your work, because I don't believe it IS 'your' work.
The idea (send messages on a website)... belongs to someone else.
The coding to embed twitter messages into another page... belongs to someone else.
The only part of the idea that is your work is a basic statement of "why can't we do this on DA?".

Regarding my critique:
I was commenting on both the idea AND it's worthiness to recieve such high recognition (a Daily Deviation spot).

What I was saying is, it wasn't something that I (underlined) personally thought deserved a DD.
It was an idea, and not an original idea at that... put messages onto a web page.
Who cares if the idea is worth millions, that's not what it should be about.
THIS particular site is called deviant ART. It should be about art, whether that is paint, pencil, digital, photography or written (poetry, literature, etc), or some other form, but still ART.

The critique WAS about the idea.
An idea that was NOT original.
An idea that was NOT artistic.
An idea that was NOT groundbreaking.
An idea that did NOT excite or inspire me in any way.
An idea that prompted nothing more than an 'ok... big deal' reaction.
And finally,
An idea that did NOT deserve such high recognition (Again not your choice I realise).

I would not try to solve the problem, It's not something I personally would like to see. It serves no purpose to ME at all. And I have never personally found ANY tweet to be artistic in any way.

To respond to your other comments:
Yes his, sorry her, reponse was negative, it was not, however, an insult.
She thought it was 'terrible'.
That is no less valid than someone saying it was 'wonderful'.
However, being someone that did not want to be insulted by this you did throw an insult back (indirectly via you reply to me) by stating that her one line negative response was, in your own words 'stupid'.
Sometimes a person can just hate an idea without needing to validate it. In much the same way that you personally don't want any further reason as to why someone loves your idea.
SHE personally thought it was a terrible idea. She may not have understood the entire concept of it, but that does not invalidate her opinion.
Someone who loved it may not have understood the idea either, and may also change their opinion if they really did understand.

Ideas are not tangible, they cannot be touched or felt.

All of this is why I was saying that ANY idea that requires further reponse to a negative remark, should also require further response to a positive one. For example "What do YOU like about it?" "Would YOU change anything to make it even better?" etc.

If they can't answer at least the first of those two questions then how can they be sure they actually like the idea? (To use the flipside of your reason for questioning someone who does not like it).

When someone agrees with a person's ideas and they don't question it, they are basically accepting that they are right, that their idea is great, and that no further response is required. It is an ego stroking remark that they are pleased with.
NAkos's avatar
"it's worthiness to recieve such high recognition (a Daily Deviation spot)" DD was always and will be always subjective. Subjective on the suggesters side and on the featurer's side. I don't see problem with it. I don't like all the DDs, nobody does, but that is my own problem. I got DD, I am happy about it. My DD suggestions got DD. I am happy about it. Somebody got DD that I think he shouldn't? I don't really care. I just ignore it. I find error in a DD? I write critique about it but not because it become a DD but because I don't like something about the piece itself. That fact it become a DD doesn't change the value of given piece.

An idea that was NOT original. - You didn't come up with this. I didn't see it at others. It is original as far as I know. Not big but original.
An idea that was NOT artistic. - Yeah, as it is a deviantART suggestion, about Journals those are not artistic. Journals are about sharing information about yourself, about your art, your life. Tweets are information too, tweets have good way to embed. I want to embed my tweets maybe somebody will use that widget to follow me there etc. And it can be artistic. Designing how Journals work is art. Webdesign is art. Oh and the crappy journal skin I use for this suggestion. That is mine too. CSS is art. Even if its minimalistic.
An idea that was NOT groundbreaking. - This is the same as the first one
An idea that did NOT excite or inspire me in any way. - This is just subjective problem of yours. This doesn't mean others will not get idea from this. I mean even I can think new ideas from this, like "I want to embed other stuff too, like my Kickstarter project" and then a new suggestion born... right here, right now... but I will not suggest it I don't have KS project.

About her: she didn't think the idea is terrible. That is the point. You didn't read the comments after that. She didn't realized it is not a painting, a photograph a digital art etc. It is a deviantART related suggestion and got its own category and its own DDs. She answered others like this "derp" for normal questions. So if I don't start the conversation she just stays at that "it is terrible" without saying what is terrible about it. She don't even talked about the deviation she talked about "it is not DD worthy because it isn't beautiful like a colourful photo".

And as I said. I don't care if somebody simply don't want to explain why they like it. Because to be honest I only tell it if they ask for it. If somebody ask me why I like it I will tell. But I don't ask because this is the internet, most people only want to show their support by a fav or a short comment and I really don't except more positivity than that. Everybody sees hundreds of images and ideas that they like every single day. One positive word is more than I could even except.

On the other hand when somebody writes they don't like it they mostly use strong words, offensive words. And negativity at most of times comes from ignorance. They maybe didn't understand the work or reasons why it got attention, and they just drop by to say "terrible", but maybe they really hate something about it because they have other point of view. So I ask for clarification. I want to know. And in my experience the best way to start is with sarcasm, because most of them don't answer for simple questions like if they see an error? Or it is a misunderstanding? Or they can do it better?
Alien-Exile's avatar
My problem with this particular DD, is it generated little in the way of discussion before it was a DD. It's generating little in the way of discussion now. Shouldn't a DD evoke more than a TINY bit of interest either way?

NOT an original or groundbreaking idea: MySpace, Bebo, twitter, facebook, most other social network sites I can think of allow users to link to others to multi purpose their info. So no, I did not come up with the idea. But neither did you. The other sites did. You just suggested that DA follow THEIR idea. So I stand by both statements that this is NOT an original or groundbreaking idea. It would just be new to DA IF they took it up.

NOT artistic: Neither CSS, HTML, or any coding of ANY kind is ART. Yes it is creative, but it is NOT art in the traditional sense of the word. A suggestion or idea is not artistic in of itself, it CAN be very creative though. Journals CAN be artistic, depending on the content, but they don't HAVE to be. How they work (the nuts and bolts behind it) can be creative but NOT artistic. If I go to an ART website or gallery I do not see interface designs, or simple lists of code (suggesting that this is indeed the case). While I personally consider website layouts and interfaces to be creative works, and in some cases very artistic, you did not CREATE an interface for this, you took twitters layout, removed the text between the button icons and put a box round it to contain it. I no more consider this artistic than I do my own suggestion for changing the message centre layout. I would be quite shocked and embarassed if that were to recieve a DD as it was not MY creativity. So again I stand by my statement that it was NOT artistic, or even creative.

NOT exciting or inspiring: It seems it is not just a 'problem of MINE' (was an insult intended by you there I wonder), but perhaps a problem of many others too. Those who viewed the page and made NO participation in the discussion at all. I stand by my statement once more.

About her: I DID read all of the comments. And I read her first statement exactly as you did. That she thought the idea was terrible. Because she made no effort to expand on that. You did not like so jumped on her with sarcasm, which was quite rude considering you did not want people being insulting with their negative comments about this. You also insulted her in your response to me, with your remark about 'stupid'. No she did not understand the whole thing. But who's to say that everyone who supported you did? Is what I was saying.
I was pointing out your inconsistency with what you thought was insulting.

There isn't any way to dislike something without being negative about it. To dislike something is inherently negative. It can't be avoided.
In every DD I have looked at so far, there has at least been SOME comments giving a reason why a person liked it. I see only ONE positive comment on this that states WHY they like the idea, and that only came AFTER I stated why I did not like the idea or think it worthy of a DD.
It is VERY possible for a lot of people to agree with a very bad idea, simply because it seemed good at first glance. Without ANYONE saying why an idea is good, how does anyone really know until it is implemented. And if it DOES turn out to be a bad idea how bad? Could it be disasterous?
Again I was pointing out your inconsistent view of positive and negative comments when taken together.
NAkos's avatar
And my idea was to include they idea to dA. Small ideas create good features. End of story.

"Neither CSS, HTML, or any coding of ANY kind is ART" Really? Creating a new DESIGN is not art? When I last checked fractals got DD too. And Journal skins. Go pick on them too! In CSS and HTML the canvas is the page the code/markup is the brush. You work with colors, think about how it looks good, you create something new with those colors with the intention to appeal to people who will look at it. THESE ARE ART. Art is creating something new. That is all. So from now on Journal skins, website designs shouldn't get DD? What about digital photography? That isn't art then in a traditional way.... I mean in a traditional way color photography wasn't art too... photography wasn't art.... you know only paintings are art. I want deviantART only feature traditional art from now on!

"NOT exciting or inspiring: It seems it is not just a 'problem of MINE' (was an insult intended by you there I wonder), but perhaps a problem of many others too. Those who viewed the page and made NO participation in the discussion at all. I stand by my statement once more." Wasn't insult just bad selections of words. But still: this is subjective. That you didn't get inspired other will. I don't get inspired from all piece of art I find good, some of them just good as it is. Inspiration is not a must at any art. It is a subjective thing if you got inspired form it or not. (and you got inspired to write wall of text proving your point). Also I already wrote an example of inspiration I got from my own work. And I am not special in any way, so any other human being can get it.

"Again I was pointing out your inconsistent view of positive and negative comments when taken together." Yeah I am inconsistent in this but I never argued that I am not. I wrote I want to see if a negative comment is about insulting me, about not understanding the piece itself or just plain stupid who can't write more than that and just trolling. At positive comments I don't care, because as I said I don't wait more from anyone on internet. I am happy about it. But I will not asking. If I feel I need feedback I will ask for it. But that is rare. I leave positive comments as they are.

After 6 hours of sleep I am still tired of this... But before you leave me alone read the artist's comment there I linked the comment of the suggester.

It got DD. End of story #2. You don't like it? Write a journal about it OR write a suggestion in deviantART related category about a new guideline called: "what I think should be a DD". Maybe somebody will suggest it as one. It got DD. It stays DD. Today it will disappear from front page and you can find another to pick on because it doesn't meet you guidelines. You have the right to do that. And I have the right to got bored of this.
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