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Custom Box Background Code Generator v1.9.2 (last)

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Published: January 3, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 NAkos


(i will not answer FAQ questions anymore. I just delete your notification.) CURSE YOU! 


(most problems answered there too. I really have no time to support this app anymore) Rage 

Warning: No more updates. Sweating a little... 

This app stays as it is now. Why? Because Flash is essentially dead now. Browsers stop to support it etc. I might be create a HTML5 version of this app IF deviantART let us upload web apps in the future (as Newgrounds does). Until then this stays without any further improvements or updates. Thank you for all your comments and support I got for this app. It was a pleasure. I will respond and help as I can. This will not change. It changed :D I just do not fix anything in the app, also I do not add any new features after this.

Warning 2.0: 

With the new deviantart design called Eclipse this app will die along with the whole custom background code community for sure.
This little app generate Custom Box Background code after you provide an image url to it. This is the easiest way to get HTML code that makes your profile look awesome.

Tutorial video: youtu.be/WNnUhSB6QPQ

You can check preview after you generated code. Pressing CTRL+C (or CMD+C if you are Mac user) button will automatically copy the code for you, so you can paste it in the custom box.

Commissions are not open for code! (I edited this part so it tells "not" for everything :D Years ago it wasn't "not" :D)

For some reason you can't use this app? I will not send you the the code for 30 points. Do not check the commissions out on my profile pages's right side. I will not accept your commission if you provide me all the info I need and you are a Core user.
 (I stopped doing that too :| (Blank Stare) )

Mobile Users and people without Flash player (This is dead too)

Here is the mobile version for you: customboxgenerator.nikhazy-diz…

You can add it to home screen too, as this is a mobile web app.
(I lost my server once, couldn't recover it and too much time to remake it Waaaah! )

You do not have to buy to use it BUT you can buy to support me => (not anymore. Thank you for all the support)

Do you wanted to support me? On the right there was a small custom box background image pack (25 images in a zip file). In the past you clicked the Purchase button on the right. Want preview? Check this out: sta.sh/0qtpybyf6ej But consider this: I do not support this app anymore, so I do not really expect you to support me. :) (Smile)
(i no longer accept your points for an app and deviantArt feature that is dead)


  • It isn't look good with featured images, ID, donation etc.  Yeah. Because this works best with custom box widget. In any other cases there will be bugs like hidden content, spaces between content and top of widgets etc. There are workarounds for these but they will be still far from perfect.

  • How to get Image URL?: www.wikihow.com/Get-the-URL-fo…

  • I am not a Core user. Will it work for me? Nope. This works only for Core users.

  • Background image doesn't repeat This isn't an error. This is how it is. You must use a wide and tall image to cover all the background. (Update: As from v1.7.4 it is possible to repeat image vertically.) This is not an officially supported feature, so it is far from perfect.

  • Background image doesn't fill the box horizontally It is because you use a too small image. To understand this better try to resize the window and see how the layout changes, you will see eventually it will fill it. The minimum recommended width for the image to use is 1000px. That fills the background even on bigger screens. There are no other way for this. 

  • Does this work at Groups? Not perfectly. At groups the image will push the content down. So you can use small image as header or something, but not as background.

  • I am an Internet Explorer user. I don't have "copy image url" at right click. What to do? First of all: Don't be an Internet Explorer user. It is bad for your and your computer's health. But if you want to continue to be one, you should write a comment with an URL to the page that contains the image you want to use and I will give you the image URL.
    (Update: As from v1.8.0 it is possible get IMG URL in the app itself if the image is on deviantART or sta.sh. If you still have problems comment)

  • It hides donation button. What to do? Put several line breaks (press lot of enters in the text) before the last tag so the button is "pushed downwards". At donation polls it is a good idea to use low but wide image, so it only hides the donation amount.

  • How do I replace the hidden featured image? You put the image's :thumbXYZ: code in the text OR you use the <img src="FEATURED IMAGE URL" width="400" />  HTML tag also in the text. Where the a "width" parameter will change the width of the image and you should set it so you are happy with the result (thank you for kissingcyanide for pointing this out). Without the width parameter the image can be too big and appear strangely hidden on the sides.

  • There is a space on top of featured image widget: Set the view to "Normal view". There will be still a space at the top. But this is as close as you get. Remember the first FAQ.

Version history

  • Update v1.9.2: This update contains the following changes:
    • From now on the default text color is black. It was set red before this update that created some confusion.
  • Update v1.9.1: This update contains the following changes:
    • Minor bug fix at text color picker.
  • Update v1.9.0: This update contains the following changes:
    • New function: From now on you can select text background color. 
    • New function: From now on you can select text color. 
    • Centered text is optional now when background color is selected.
    • Preview text tells what options are selected (also in the code)
    • I added 100px to the height of the app, so it have space for rearrangement.
    • I rearranged the buttons, so now text based stuff is on the left, image related stuff is on the right
    • Preview is now fixed for big images. It show proper centered image as it is meant to be
    • Added llama giver button in help. Feel free to give me llama ;)
    • I changed the background color to match dAs new color.
  • Update v1.8.0: This update contains the following changes:
    • For people who can't get image URL by right click a new function is added! Just press the "Get IMG URL for me" button and copy the deviation URL there! It will get the img url for you, you just have to press the Get Code button. As it depends on my websites server, when my website is down, this function will be down too.
  • Update v1.7.4: This update contains the following changes:
    • Vertical repeat added! From now on you can repeat background image downward. A little something for you guys with very long content. It will have a small space between repeats. Sadly this is how this works, but more than nothing.
  • Update v1.7.3: This update contains the following changes:
    • A bug fixed where the preview wasn't show well (may still occur, more testing needed). This bug doesn't affect the actual result.
    • Added Facebook button in help. If you like this consider liking my Facebook Page too, where I write news about this app too.
  • Update v1.7.2: This update contains the following changes:
    • Small bug fixes
    • New video link. This new version has new tutorial video about usage. youtu.be/WNnUhSB6QPQ
  • Update v1.7.1: This update contains the following changes:
    • Bug fixed: deviantART and Youtube button's help text was rendered behind the Get Code button.
    • Minor code improvement
  • Update v1.7: This update contains the following changes:
    • New function: text background. This is a deviantArt based white background for the text. Must be centered.
    • New function: Font size added! You can change font size 1-10. Not pixel. Old old html font size. deviantART still supports it
    • Preview is better now. You can set up its look while previewing
  • Update v1.6: This update contains the following changes:
    • deviantART button added. It opens a new window with a search for background images especially made for custom boxes
    • YouTube button now opens the video page as its description also has information about the video.
  • Update v1.5.1: This update contains the following changes:
    • YouTube button now have deviantART colour when it is inactive. This is a minor change for better look.
  • Update v1.5: This update contains the following changes:
    • Button logic works better. After generating a code, when you click on the URL input you get the normal state of the app. Before this if you were in preview mode you lost all buttons.
    • Minor change in source code.
    • Youtube button added. This way you can check out the video about using this app. Thanks for siannve for the awesome icon pack: fav.me/d21dm5r
  • Update v1.4: This update contains the following changes:
    • Better error message when not proper URL added, pointing to the help screen. Thanks for namenotrequired :)
    • Minor change in help text.
    • Help screen have new design.
    • Donate button added to help screen.
  • Update v1.3: This update contains the following changes:
    • Added better help text. I included how to get image url
    • From now on only image url's are accepted because lot of people tried to feed it with deviation url. This means only urls ending with .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif are good. You can copy urls that have ?something at the end, this isn't affect this rule (for example ...someimage.jpg?sometext)
    • I fixed the preview. Now the background image is centered, as the real life boxes are centered too.
  • Update v1.2: Better help text added. Thanks for Ilionej for suggesting it. :)
  • Update v1.1: Centered content checkbox added. It expands the code with a
    element that will render content centered in the custom box.

Why so much update? I got ideas from time to time from comments or just find a small error I want to fix. Wanna see the first version? Here you go: fav.me/d5zfdcu

Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AkosNikhazyPh…
Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/nikhazyakos
Watch me on deviantART: nakos.deviantart.com
Visit my website: nikhazy-dizajn.hu
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CrazyGreenFluffHobbyist Digital Artist
so i select 'copy image address' like normal, and paste it and it gives me the red error. why isn't the image url working? .-.)
pinkiedashmlp's avatar
pinkiedashmlpHobbyist Digital Artist
what about for fonts?
TopazTalon's avatar
TopazTalonHobbyist Digital Artist
I REALLY rely on this, and seeing that it no longer works, is really unfortunate. I really hope that you can fix this or maybe even make a updated version, that'd be great!
isnugz's avatar
isnugzHobbyist Digital Artist
never had core ;-; hope to have someday.
Loe-h's avatar
Loe-hHobbyist General Artist
hey this will happen for sure :D
its not working anymore.. can we get an updated version?
PinkAngelOfLight's avatar
I actually need help,

Picking up the pieces by PinkAngelOfLight

I'm trying to get the url for this art but I can't right click and find the copy url at all it's just not there and I don't know how to get the url for this when I need it for a story... I really need help
Leaficun3's avatar
Leaficun3Hobbyist General Artist
Same here dude, the "copy image URL" option never comes up for me, instead it comes up with "copy image address" which is a lot different and it's not the actual URL it's copying, and it's so frustrating. I have to rely on others who've already put the coding there to be able to use the image and that hardly happens.
PinkAngelOfLight's avatar
i ended up just selecting copy image when I need one for my ao3 story
xxJellyOwlxx's avatar
The moment I get core back it doesn't work anymore because of stupid DA Eclipse Why?! 
Treasure-Labyrinth's avatar
Treasure-LabyrinthHobbyist Writer
I actually just found out how to still use it. You still need to open the background you want in a new tab, copy the link up to the .jpg, then paste it
Silver--Lunar's avatar
Silver--LunarHobbyist Artist
It's annoyed me a bit that this is no longer in use, or at the least for DA cocking the url part when people post custom box backgrounds.
I know it's to do with the update but going to google to search for backgrounds is either most never work due to it's size or where it will not fit the whole box.

 But this was good while it lasted so thank you for making this whilst using DA custom boxes backgrounds where workable during the time.
KoopalingAndMarioFan's avatar
KoopalingAndMarioFanStudent Artist
I just want the image to fill up
snoward's avatar
snowardHobbyist Digital Artist
if you mean the background behind the custom box, just page the <img src="img code"> twice instead of the one time it shows up, if that makes sense! ^^
pegasusgirl123's avatar
pegasusgirl123Hobbyist Digital Artist
it don't work anymore so now I'm a little pissed
AlfredBeilschmidt's avatar
AlfredBeilschmidtHobbyist Digital Artist
oh come on why it doesnt work anymore
kozikitty's avatar
kozikittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Because of DA eclipse 
AlfredBeilschmidt's avatar
AlfredBeilschmidtHobbyist Digital Artist
now i understand more why everybody hates it. thanks for telling me c:
kozikitty's avatar
kozikittyHobbyist Digital Artist
ok sign f2u no problem
somethingcinnaroll's avatar
somethingcinnarollHobbyist Digital Artist
does anyone know any images with the orig00.deviantart.net url? im trying to find one but i don't know any examples ;-;
GreaserMutt's avatar
GreaserMuttHobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't work anymore? :/
Harpyy's avatar
HarpyyHobbyist Digital Artist
Due to DA's new image system so it doesn't reroute to a png/jpeg anymore

Edit: Just find a link with the original "orig00.deviantart.net" or png/jpeg at the end and it should work!! some pictures on dA work with the orig code but some reroute to wix link
Puppiii's avatar
PuppiiiStudent Digital Artist
I tried that but it didn't work
when i clicked "save and preview", it gave me nothing 
Harpyy's avatar
HarpyyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hrm, could you screenshot the link you were trying to use cause i got it to work
perfectly on my end, the link has to be pretty short as well in order to work.
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