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MSPA - AU - English

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[EDIT 10/18/2014] Yes, I know about Hussie using this design in the Homestuck update that happened today. The issues have been resolved! For explanation, please go here:… [ENDIT]

[EDIT 10/19/2014] I've gotten several people asking me about this, so let me just clear it up now: YES, YOU CAN COSPLAY THIS DESIGN! There is nothing stopping you from costuming your little hearts out, especially now that everything's been cleared up - and you're fine if you Upd8 cosplayed it before the fact too (I remember seeing at least one!). So have fun, guys! [ENDIT]


UH, SO. Posting this to prove that I didn't waste my SAI trial doing nothing. 8'c

I drew this a little while ago- like, in November I think?- and it's based off of a sketch done by :iconrukafais:.

Basically. We have our insane little Steampunk Felt thread on the fora, and when the Bec Noir revelation came about we were dorks and immediately theorized that Bec Noir was Lord English (which I now want to be untrue so that English can be a Chaotic Good Guy) and then Ruka drew a sketch of a theoretical 'final form' for English.

Basically, in this AU, this English (who is a single reflected facet of the full Lord English) is gallivanting around Earth because he has a limited amount of time to hang around in that universe, and he wants to have more time. As such, he starts creating the Felt as prototypes for his 'key,' who is Snowman- his ticket back into the universe.
In any case, as he uses up more and more of his time in this universe, he starts to shift from being nearly-human to being... well, an unnatural mix of Bec Noir and human. This is what he looks like in his last few days in the universe. And no, he is not happy about it.

On another note, fuck yes I love his wings. I used the Dirty Roots brush set from Holy fuck they are so wonderful. :heart:

This is incredibly silly.

Lord English (C) Hussmeister
This version of English (C) me and :iconrukafais: C:
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