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Phoenix Polymer Clay

Handmade Phoenix Polymer Clay
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Wow! Such a beautiful piece! The phoenix is simply stunning!
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The phoenix is amazing!!!! 
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Beautiful set.
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What did you use to get the orange so translucent without them being too thin and fragile?
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This is awesome!
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Does one of you clay experts know a more modern form of clay that is probably more expensive but way easier to mold?

I spent quite a lot of money on FIMO but it is getting hard now and I could throw away tons of clay.

The goal is to make scale 1:3 detailed items and I'm not a real expert in sculpting.
If your clay gets dry you can use vaseline to soften it. It may takes a bit of time but you can use the clay after that again and don't need to throw away anything.
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I'll try that, but I've already tried also to hammer on the clay and get some of the softmakers out of the molecules and add different kind of things, that also only worked for not too dried out clay. Put it in a bag or something and hammer it. With olive oil it was okay but the claying itself wasn't too great with that oily feeling

I probably won't be making anything anymore. I've taken way too much hay on my fork :\  
Continuing sewing, hopefully..........
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Pretty awesome! Love it <3
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this must be huge lol (thought the necklace was an earring...)
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Amazing! I would love to get this good one day!
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This is sooo beautiful, I want!!!
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Is that really clay 0-0
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Beautiful ^_^ I like it!!!!!
this is AMAZING.....what kind of clay do you use on the feathers?
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