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Till The End
Knowledge is power
but I don't want to know.
Still, he stays.
Everyone abandons us
and I clench to him,
afraid of being alone.
"I want to go."
"Not yet."
Never yet.
His hunger to know
seemed innocent
at first.
I indulged it,
not realising the
darkness it would
lead me to.
"I...  I don't care."
"But I do."
Things crawl
around our feet
taking away
what has been
left behind.
I clench mine
to my chest.
In the darkness,
I never win.
He always stays
till the end of the credits.
:iconladygekko:ladygekko 2 16
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The Craving
The period's almost over.
The clock is ticking.
The whirr of the laptop quietly echoes
Over the quiet squeaking of the marker
On the white board.
I can't hold on much longer,
My heart quickly beating to the ticks of the clock.
I have to hold on.
A trail of sweat runs down my face.
The period's almost over.
I look at my friends.
Their hands are shaking,
Feeling what I feel,
Craving what I crave.
The tension thickens the air.
At long last I can't take it,
Hands shaking as I yank open
The black plastic lid of the Pandora's Box
And click on the blessed icon.
Besides, the period's almost over.
The window opens
And a flood of coloured boxes fills my vision
Drawing me into a world of logical distraction
A large picture appears before me
"Tetris" it says. And I smile.
:iconjmae:jmae 1 3
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Nora Dallaire
Current Residence: Ottawa
Favourite genre of music: JPop, just-about-anything-else-but-gregorian-chants
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to count. Maybe Izumi Koushiroh or Motomiya Daisuke. Or Omi from Kunf Fu Whatsit.
Personal Quote: Weer sun shit!
Two years later, I wiggle a pinky...

I hate showing my art, and I hate showing it to people I don't know. But Kim pressured me into getting this account, and now that I've got a tablet, I had to promise to post often enough. Also, Sorraya asked me to post more often since we won't see each other in school as often now we're both in university.

Which reminds me, I have a collab or two to post! o__o And when I've posted those, Kim had better leave me alone for a few weeks.



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kitsunexheart Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006
hey, you might get a kick outta this. i was just going through the users on the Noble Behavior forum and i found your link to here, so i thought i'd come in to say hi. ^.~ you might not remember me much. i think you disappeared from there right as i arrived, but i think we exchanged a few neomails. i was island_dragon_queen aka dragon. ^.^
Balthasar250 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
See you at our birthday party! I'm working hard to finish your gift! hope you like it when you get it!!! :hug:
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Me crayzi no...Ya
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*lurks* <_<.........>_>
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Neee! ;__;
Purikura is just SAIKOOU! >__<# :heart:

But how do u wanna trade? O.o~
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Thanks for the watch! <33
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POST MORE OR ELSE I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAKE YOU DO IT!!!11!11!!!!!1111!111!!! ( the one's are note by mistake)

kthanxbye see you at grad <3
shock-o-lot Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2005
...huh -not- by mistake...that was a mistake
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