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Neil, your bed's on fire...

I'm not sure if I'm dating myself by my choice of subject matter with this one... You younger folk may not remember the day when MTV actually had half-way decent programming, but in the early 80's it was the only place to witness "The Young Ones", a British comedy to delight the impressionable and psychopathic alike...

I did this piece as a submission for an upcoming art show entitled "80s POP!" which will take place June 5th ("First Friday") in Olde City Philadelphia at Brave New Worlds Comics, on N. 2nd street between Market and Arch streets. Hope to see you there!
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Being both British and somewhat aged,I saw this on BBC 2 When it first came out.
hello , can this be had as a T-Shirt ?
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I love this! Perfect tone and so many delicious details, I think I'm getting sentimental.
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This show is hilarious!
Comedy Central, please return this show!
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Very creative!!
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brilliant!  do you have a television?
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AWESOME SHOW! love this!
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I used to watch this show when I was young and innocent back in early 80's. Censorship would kill this show now!
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Wow, that's an amazing cover design you've done!
I especially like the way it looks a little old and worn, to go with it being sort of retro.
Perfect down to the last detail, bravo. :clap:
And a great subject matter, heh. ;)
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One of my all-time favorite shows!!! Too cool!!!!
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One of my all time favorite shows!! So cool!!!
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Thanks for the kind words! I love your tattoo work....
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Well being British I see this on G.O.L.D. and stuff not MTV... but everything else you said about it I resonate with! :la: This is an amazing piece of work!
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Made my day :)
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This is so amazing! I dont know why I didnt comment on it when I first came across it- HA Ha- Love it
A great tribute to one of the coolest shows of my childhood
great work!
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Love this! May have been born 5 years later on but I've been a fan:lol:
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I love it :D
I came a decade after the Young Ones but I love it more than any other show!
Good job on this piece
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Man! cool!
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Love this piece. Not many people know of the young ones so it is always great to see this much work go into a forgotten favorite.
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Can't believe I missed this fanart!!! Its great! I love the style :XD:
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This... is amazing.
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This would make such an amazing comic. Gotta love Neil and the lentils.
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This is the greatest thing in the history of anything. Damn, and here I was thinking "Holy crap, is that a real comic somewhere out in the world?!" Why can't this be real!

Fantastic caricatures!
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