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Such a Beautiful Massacre- Aria T'Loak x Reader :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 15 3
Go Figure- Superwoodtalia x Male!Reader
Sometimes you hated your job. Like, really, really hated it.
It wasn’t because of the hours, although they were stupidly long, or your co-workers, even though they were annoying at best, or even just the plain fact that you had to deal with aliens and weird technology and god knew what else on a daily basis. It was more the fact that, more often than not, you were expected to magically be able to figure out what to do. And, in most of those cases, you had no bloody idea. Like now, for instance.
You sighed, then looked at the blond man next to you, who met your (e/c) gaze with a similarly frustrated gaze of his own green ones. Neither of you had to say a word for the sentiment to be crystal clear. The rest of the team were absolute fucking arseholes. And for a couple of them, that wasn’t even in a metaphorical sense.  
While the act of solidarity did help to ease your frustration, there was no way in hell either of you were going to get away without finishing your task.
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 34 11
'Til Life do us Part- Male!Reader x Lithuania
You had been dead for three weeks, two days, one hour and sixteen minutes. At least that was what you estimated, given the dates on the calendars, the times on the clocks.  It was just an estimate of course; you were using the last time you remembered as an indicator of when you died. Because you had died and you knew it. Just as you knew there was only one person who would have brought you back. Toris. Sweet, sweet Toris, who thought he’d been doing the right thing, who thought that he could bring you back from the dead unharmed.
God he was so naïve.
Not that you could have blamed him. He was new to this thing, new to the idea of humans not being the only sentient beings, of all those old stories that mothers used to tell their children to scare them into sleep being true. You’d admit that was partially your fault. You’d forced him to acknowledge this, told him just enough that you thought he’d be safe. Except that dying hadn’t been something yo
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 47 9
Mature content
Trying Human- Mordin x Male!Reader :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 42 8
Marko said we should have left earlier, back in May when his family had just made it across. He said we should join them, start a new life there permanently instead of  fluttering back and forth across the city, at night returning back to the cesspit where we lived out of fear; soulless apartment blocks jostling for sunlight, empty shops and empty streets. But I wanted a little more time; just a little more time to wrap things up over here. He didn’t like the idea, I could see that; he had that same look in his eyes that made him look like a kicked puppy. I almost changed my mind just from that look. Almost. But just as I opened my mouth to say sorry, cleared my dry throat, he agreed. He’d go over and I’d join him later. We were border guards; it should have been easy to sneak across when the commander wasn’t looking. Nobody had to know. Of course, it didn’t end up that way. Before I’d finally prepared myself to make the run, it was June. That J
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 0 0
Mature content
Almost Infinite- 11th Doctor x Male!Reader :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 221 52
King of Strangers- Germany x Reader [Epilogue]
Three months. It had been three months since that fateful day. The armies of the Spades Kingdom still camped on the border, the Kingdom of Hearts still knowing they were there. But neither had made any move, any at all. Not that it was surprising; if either side did anything it would ignite the tensions that had been growing for centuries. And there was no way of knowing if anything could withstand that.
At least, neither side had made a move until today.
The three guards instinctively pulled out their spears as the youth stomped into the room, ready to protect their king. But there was a sort of hesitance in their response, like they knew that they could not afford to carry through with the unspoken threat that filled the air like smog.  The youth himself did not respond, instead glaring at the man on the thrown in front of him with eyes that seemed like chips of ice behind his glasses. A stray lock of hair slid down his face, which he pushed back into place slowly, his brow heav
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 31 4
Because you know you would- don't deny it by Naked-toes Because you know you would- don't deny it :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 2 0 Pairing meme by Naked-toes Pairing meme :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 11 8
Mature content
Sweet Mania: 2p!Japan x Male!Reader :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 97 16
Hey look, I made a fursona... sort of by Naked-toes Hey look, I made a fursona... sort of :iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 2 2
What the Fox Hat?- John Watson x Reader
“So what did you tell him?”
The short blond man across the table took another sip from his drink before placing it back down on the table roughly, causing a little to spill over the edges. You moved your hands from the effected area, leaning backwards and instead resting them on the back of the chair. “Just that I was meeting up with an old friend from the military.”
You chuckled. “Is that all I am then; a friend?”
John’s face became confused for a moment, his eyebrows creasing, and he looked directly into your gaze with what you knew to be his ‘you’ve-confused-me-and-I-don’t-like-it’ eyes. Blinking a few times, the look faded, but didn’t vanish. “[Name], I though we agreed that was over…”
“That was a fucking joke, John,” you interrupted, before downing the rest of your drink, trying to ignore the uncomfortable burning sensation as you swallowed it. You placed the empty glass back on
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 68 29
King of Strangers- Germany x Reader (Part 2)
After a few months, you had almost become used to life in the Kingdom of Hearts. Waking up just as the first rays of sunshine crept into the room, smothering it in gold. The trumpets would sound from somewhere across the castle and you would pull yourself out of bed, pushing the heavy sheets to the bottom of the bed with your feet, before putting on the clothes that had been left for you on the chair on the other side of the room. You weren’t going to lie; the people of the kingdom were being kind to you. You’d heard so many stories about people who’d been imprisoned- the terrible things they had forced upon them. Squeamish you were not- you’re a born and bred warrior for heaven’s sakes- but even you refuse to repeat what you’ve been told. Compared to them, you were being treated like a goddess.
You wouldn’t have been surprised if most of your good treatment was due to what had happened in the woods that day. In fact, if that hadn’t happe
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 30 27
Baggy Shirts- America x FTM!Reader
Choosing clothes is a kind of art. Selecting colours that suit your appearance, cuts that either emphasize or hide parts of your body to your tastes, choosing something that reflects who you are, that means you don’t blend into a group of people and become simply one of them, like a Borg drone to its Cube. And it’s even harder when you need to do things with clothes that few others would even consider an issue, just so you can avoid feelings of disgust about your own body.
“Fucking tits”, you murmured, staring sideways into the mirror. The sports bras did depressingly little to flatten out your chest, even with three layered on top of one another. But there was no way in hell you could afford a binder, so for now this was the best you could do. Besides, if you wore baggy enough t-shirts, maybe people would ignore your, you know, ‘assets’. Your glare at your reflection eventually settled on the offending region on your body and you felt that little tw
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 174 40
Villains and Violins- Sherlock x Male?Reader
It had been raining when you first met him. You’d just walked about five miles home, your thin waterproof jacket the only protection you had, had pulled open the door to the homestead where you lived and had walked in to find him perched on a stool in the middle of the main room, as if he’d always been there. He noticed the door slide open, looked up and met your gaze, his curly brown hair sticking to his face with water. You still got shivers when you thought about the way he looked at you with those deep blue pools; like he could stare into your very soul.
Still, he had about as much right to be there as you did, so you didn’t kick up a fuss. Instead, you walked over to the coat hooks sticking out of the brickwork, pulled off the (f/c) coat and hung it up, trying not to act like anything was out of the ordinary. Even with the hood, your (h/c) hair had become sodden, sticking to your face as if it was covered in glue. Towel, you murmured to yourself, a towel would be
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 164 27
Hearts on a Shoestring- M!Reader x M!Ukraine
You had finally done it. Finally broken up with your ass of a boyfriend. You knew you should feel even a slight twinge of guilt, but you just didn’t want to. You were practically skipping down the street, feeling the breeze push your (h/c) hair into your face, covering just enough of your vision to stop you walking straight. But hey; it didn’t matter. Not now. The weather was glorious, the skies completely blue, the temperature warm, but not unbearable. It was almost as if the world was celebrating with you, your feelings of joy infecting everything around you. Of course, the weather was actually due to the prevailing wind patterns, the chirping of the crickets in the grass was a natural event and the strong smell of longgrass had always been there. You knew it was just your imagination going over the top, but you really, really didn’t care.
While you hadn’t planned where you were going to go, you knew exactly where your legs were taking you. The route to the sm
:iconnaked-toes:Naked-toes 60 8

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Thank You.. [Waiter!Canada x Male!Reader]
Thank You...
Waiter!Canada x Male!Customer!Reader
Yes! Today will be the day that I will able to express my feelings to the blond haired beauty at the FACE cafe! I must not lose my determination, I must not lose my resolve, I must not... oh hey look a piece of cake!
My eyes landed on the sweet triangular sweet piece of heaven. Taking the sliver fork into my hand I scooped a piece of the cake onto the spoon. Savoring the flavor of the sweet and fluffy heaven moving around in my mouth. The taste tantalizing my taste buds, threatening to drive me to near hysteria over a single sweet treat.
I couldn't help but allow a small groan to be heard from my table, a soft and familiar chuckle caught my attention. Turning my attention away from the sweet treat on my plate. My eyes focusing on the person whom chuckled at my moaning over taste buds. Standing before me a picture of beauty all of it's own is the very person I wanted to admit my feelings
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 161 12
AC - Haytham x Ziio by Kaschra AC - Haytham x Ziio :iconkaschra:Kaschra 199 37 Towards PEACE -1 by Nayzak Towards PEACE -1 :iconnayzak:Nayzak 252 41 Dinotalia: Germany by Suomen-Ukonilma Dinotalia: Germany :iconsuomen-ukonilma:Suomen-Ukonilma 115 29 Dinotalia: Russia by Suomen-Ukonilma Dinotalia: Russia :iconsuomen-ukonilma:Suomen-Ukonilma 190 64 Dinotalia: America by Suomen-Ukonilma Dinotalia: America :iconsuomen-ukonilma:Suomen-Ukonilma 144 76 Nerdfighter Gang Sign Stamp by SammieSparxx Nerdfighter Gang Sign Stamp :iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 94 9



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Sorry I haven't been all that active on here. Stuff isn't going great. But I am doing things and finishing requests and stuff (albeit slowly). 

I don't really feel comfortable explicitly saying what's happening, but sorry about all of this. 


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