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I’ve uploaded many pictures featuring Helga, but I haven't told you her story. You probably don’t know that she’s an Atlantic battle witch. And you also don’t know about the other heroine, Isabel. Later, you will see some stories and more deviations featuring them. But now I officially introduce them to you.

Helga and Isabel are two battle witches of Atlantis. There are a few more, but even a two will be enough to blow up an artist's gallery. So far, two.

The breed of Atlantic battle witches was raised by the defeated magicians and sorceresses to oppose the Atlantic tyrants. The witch-girls were raised as immensely powerful fighters. Their physical training was intertwined with magical enhancement of their bodies. In other words, magic flows in their veins, bones and muscle fibers. They are extremely strong and durable. Actually, you won't think out a good way to bring them down. Conventional weapons were just the first thing their bodies resist, so mere blades, sharp points or projectiles are only best in tickling them or, put in another way, caressing. They can do without food, water and even air. They can swim in lava and easily endure polar cold. This is why they won't wear any clothes or armor, unless they are playing humans. Their, what we would call, thermonuclear metabolism digests any substance they consume, including poisons or acids. They may use magic, but generally you will see them act with the pure strength of their bodies.

Eventually, the women grew powerful beyond their trainers’ control and each went to live their own lives. A few lurked to live in the wild to guard jungle or icy Arctic plains from intruders. Some hid in cities or monasteries, almost perfectly disguised. But our heroines are the ones who stayed to fight the tyrants, performing feats of power, taking down armies and monsters.

Now, let’s have a closer look.

Helga is a bit heavier. You may see her on these pieces. She’s rough and competitive.

  How to take down a knight barehanded by naked-superpower
Isabel is younger, more lightweight. She’s playful and careless.


A girl and ninjas by naked-superpower

Mature Content

Superhuman urge by naked-superpower
Of legionnaires and witches by naked-superpower Firecaster by naked-superpower


Would you like to find out more about Atlantic battle witches? Do you have any idea of they are good friends or rivals? Or are they sisters? I will tell you in a while :)
Sleep tight!


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One of Helga's picture files is corrupted.

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Thanks! So long since I posted it, I may have deleted some of them. I'll delete the link from the post.

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I like them! I enjoy how they were brought up with physical training as well as it being imbued with magic. I also really like how they use their own physical strength for feats without any magical help short of invulnerability. The intensity of what they go through is entertaining too and it's good to see some thought put into characters! Good job :)
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Thanks )
There will be more to come about them