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I hope you like it, guys (:

I just had to make my own version of this :heart:

*quote by Gil Grissom

more from my gallery:

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The skeletons want out
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thats true i am a monster...
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Holy shit, that's deep...
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Totally true !!
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Soooooooo true!
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well done, very true
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What was your purpose for using a sugar skull in this piece?
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It's really sad that is real, I carry a monster every time, since I born, long story
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Monsters are inside of us?




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This carries more weight than you know.
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Kinda want to make this my next tattoo !
Ghost5Taco's avatar! This quote could not be more brilliant, perfect, mind-blowing, breath-taking or...true. the way u presented it made me want 2 repeat it over and over again until it was the only thing it was physically possible for me 2 say...I realize that I was clearly lying when I said I was speechless but, I don't care because this quote may be the most amazing thing i have ever laid eyes on:D THANK U!!!!!
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