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This has been a while coming, but the delay in posting has been mostly due to it not being of terrible importance, as I handled most everything via PM easily enough. That aside, it is important for me to publicly state it, but I've got to close commissions until further notice.

I would like to open them up again at some point, but I simply don't have the time now. I'm working a full-time job, and producing videos takes up anywhere between part-time and full-time hours on top of that, so I've got little room to breathe.

Apologies to everybody who wanted one! With any luck my hours will slack off some and maybe I'll have the chance to start accepting them again.

In an attempt to make a little extra income and help myself get some more practice and refinement, I will draw a picture for you!

I'm not really picky about what you request, I'm open-minded. However:
- I do not do scenery or backgrounds, just characters (non-humans probably won't be the best, but I'll give it a go)
- I do not do violence or gore (some minor blood is okay, I guess, ask for details)
- I do not do hentai or adult material (I am possibly willing to bend this rule. Ask for details)

I give a discount for hips-up. Doesn't show the entire character, but it lets me get more detailed. If you want additional characters in the same drawing, the price increases by half of what the single character would be. Also, I reserve the right to ask for an increased price for complicated or troublesome commissions. If I do it will be a small amount, and I would rather prefer not do it at all.

$7 - full body pencil sketch. +$3.50 for each additional character
$5 - hips-up pencil sketch. +$2.50 for each additional character
These will have a quality such as this or this.

$14 - refined linework, full-body. +$7 for each additional character
$10 - refined linework, hips-up. +$5 for each additional character
Lines-only of any of the more refined images I have up, such as this. NO COLORS!

$20 - full color, full-body. +$10 for each additional character
$15 - full color, hips-up. +$7.50 for each additional character
Finished image, colors and all. This would be a drawing like this or this. I don't charge extra for backgrounds, I'll toss a simple one on for free, like the one in this drawing. However, don't expect much, I don't really do backgrounds.

Payment and general process!
Paypal only, I've got nothing else set up. Concerning the process, I'll draw whatever commission gets requested first, but I won't start working until payment arrives. If there's a delay in payment I'll move down the list until someone can pay. Anybody skipped over does NOT lose their place, and I'll get back to them as soon as payment arrives.

I've had people ask if I can stream a part of the drawing. I certainly can, at no cost at all. Just ask! To protect the commissioner, though, I won't stream any part of a drawing unless permission is expressly given.

I only require the appropriate pencil sketch fee up front, I'll then do the pencil sketch and bounce back and forth with the commissioner until they're happy. I'll then require the rest of the fee before I finish work. If you want to pay it all up front and/or just trust that I'll finish it to your liking, I won't stop you, but I'm giving this option to make sure you're happy with the end result.

Once completed, I'll do with the drawing whatever you want. I'll give you a copy at any size or resolution you like. I'd like to upload it here and mention who the commissioner was, but I can do one or neither if you'd like as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to commission something, just send me a note and ask! Any way you can contact me is fine, be it here, on the forum, on my YouTube channel, wherever.

Journal was edited on 8/20 to adjust prices.