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Tofu Muffin character sheet by Nakate Tofu Muffin character sheet by Nakate
You can read more on the character over on Tumblr:…

Tofu is an elf in Welgaea, which means she’s more magically inclined, but even given that Tofu is somewhat gifted. Still just a child, her magic capability is on-par with many proper adult mages. Though elves are more magically inclined than the other races it’s still uncommon for them to become proper mages and takes a lifetime of training and experience. If the trend continues Tofu could be one of the most powerful mages to have ever lived. Elves also age half the speed of humans, also living twice as long. So though Tofu is 28 in human years, by elf standards she’s got the physical and emotional development of a 14-year-old. Though that’s somewhat of a misnomer as well, as Tofu all but stopped growing when she turned 12(6). She’s changed a bit as she’s matured, but not much. By the time she’s fully grown she may grow to as tall as 3′9″ or 3′10″. Her glowing freckles are also not common among elves. There’s never been an official study but the running theory is the sheer amount of magical energy in her makes them glow. Elves also tend to have darker skin, and while Tofu’s skin is darker than average it isn’t unusually dark.

Tofu does consider herself a witch as opposed to a mage, though there isn’t a lot of difference in Welgaea. Mages tend to operate in a more “professional” manner at places of learning or study, using their magical capability as a “job”, while witches and wizards tend to operate more independently for themselves. Either living in recluse or working independently as a kind of mage-for-hire. Mages tend to focus on the community of magic users while witches and wizards tend to focus on themselves. Identifying as one or the other really doesn’t affect anything, and one can flip back and forth as they please. Tofu struck out early on as a traveler, though she often travels main roads and with caravans, going from town to town, city to city, trying to find some way to use her ability to help people in need. Though she prefers healing magics, she doesn’t really have a tendency towards one kind of magic, instead being very adept at almost all magics.

She’s very innocent, somewhat gullible, a bit clumsy, and almost always happy. All she wants is for everybody to be happy. I have her listed as asexual because even once fully mature I don’t imagine she would ever be interested in a sexual relationship with anybody. She would, however, be willing to enter a romantic relationship and would be considered panromantic.

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Pyro1096 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student Artist
Wasn't she the main character of that game you made a while back?
AngelMariaStars Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017
Gotta love Tofu!! ^_^ So cute!
Williefleete Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
AdorableLove :happybounce: 
dragonlordcody Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
the tiny wizard shaped elf is adorable.
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