Melody Bonecrusher
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Melody Bonecrusher
Age: 24
Supervisor: Voyager

Melody is quite tall, approximately seven feet tall, not counting the ears. Her large ears allow her to hear better than many people expect, but certainly not to superhuman levels. Melody is also much stronger than her stature suggests, stronger than most male weightlifters. It has been investigated and there is no logical explanation for this strength. The best guess any one can make is that it is powered by hate. You see, Melody hates everyone and everything. She even hates herself. It's a vicious cycle, really, because the angrier she is the less good things can make her feel better, which just makes her angrier. She hates that. She also hates pink.

She works under Voyager on the board of directors as a junior member. You could say she's a workaholic and one of the few things she doesn't hate is when everything at the company is going smoothly. With the average employee that works at the office that isn't often.

In the scene here, she seems to be stuck in an elevator and has found something... less than professional etched into the back wall. Sonya is supposed to be fixing the elevator, but is currently running away from a disgruntled Nakamura. Sonya probably pushed him down some stairs. She may also be topless. Melody rather likes Sonya's work ethic, she's very fast and efficient, but really hates her attitude. Melody is seriously considering breaking the door, but she hates being unprofessional.

One of the few things she doesn't hate is her boss, Voyager. She's actually quite madly in love with her, though she's too shy about it to admit it directly to her. She will also probably murder anybody else who suggests she has feelings for anybody. She's almost a different person around Voyager, very happy and cheerful, doing everything she can to make Voyager happy. She doesn't really bother with relationships, but fell head over heels for Voyager. She did date a boy once or twice back in her early teens though. She hated it.

The metal pillars on her back actually allow her to manipulate gravity. Now this works for normal things like making objects lighter or heavier, but also allows her to do things like flip gravity so she could walk on the ceiling. She can also manipulate gravity around her to bend light, creating a cloaking field around her. If you thought she was strong before, she can also use gravity points to not only propel her fist faster, make it heavier, but create a repulsion field around her fist increasing the force of impact exponentially. If you get on her bad side you may not be coming in to work for a few months, and she hates when people take time off from work.

A few things she does enjoy ("enjoy" being quite relative, really it's just a scale of what she hates least), is eating lobster, as well as many of the more tender meats. She likes listening to classical and jazz. She reads romance and adventure books, preferably a mixture of them both, not the extremes of overly mushy romance or overly testosterone-driven adventure. She hates extremes. She also owns a rather large aquarium and collects fish. She is a skilled swimmer and will go to the local pool to swim laps when she feels her hate has risen to unhealthy levels. She hates playing in the water, it's all business.

Last but not least, Melody hates you. Yeah, you. You know who you are. Don't try to pretend you don't know, either. Melody hates ignorance.


This is my third and final submission for :iconslugbox:'s Sexy Office Worker contest over at :icont--i--t--s:

Much like the previous entry this was drawn entirely on the computer, no pencil or paper was involved, and I streamed the entire thing over on I'm exceedingly happy with how it turned out, and since I've been so happy with how both computer-only drawings have turned out I'm starting to think I should just do all my work on the computer. Maybe.

The entire process went pretty easy, really, though I had a bit of trouble framing the scene. I wanted to show off the character, but had to have a reason for her to be looking away from the events behind her. I haven't drawn legs like hers in a very long time, but they're not overly difficult to do. The bone structure is very similar to a human's, just make the foot really long and have her walk on her toes. The joint partway down her lower leg is really just an ankle. The ears gave me a bit of trouble. They're supposed to be rabbit ears, but they look a bit like donkey ears. The issue is three-fold really. The hooves don't help. They're a bit low on her skull, but I did this because it makes the most sense anatomically and I think it just looks better. Finally, what many people think rabbit ears look like isn't what they actually look like. I wasn't entirely sure what the rods on her back did either, but I liked the design. We tossed around a lot of ideas, such as pistons that could speed up her blood flow, to time-space manipulation. I'm happy with what we settled on though. I was debating putting a mark under her eyes. The other girls had freckles, but here I was thinking of something like a beauty mark. Specifically two colored circles under the corner of each eye. In the end I decided against it as it interfered with the glasses. To answer the common question of "what is she?", this is a fantasy drawing. If you try to root it into reality you're missing the point. Don't think about it. She's just a humanoid who happens to have hooves, rabbit-like ears, a big-poofy tail, rods sticking out of her back, and a mean streak.
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DeityDiz93's avatar
DeityDiz93|Student Digital Artist
I believe your streaming of this drawing was the first time I myself ever watched you stream, have to admit looking back at it now that I really do like this drawing, this one in particular is quite stellar.

Really didn't think to say this back than when I had the chance but: well done!
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mrbah1111's avatar
Am i the only person who wonders what Sonya drew on the wall?
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Losuurx's avatar
I feel like her interests are somewhat similar to mine. I would not go on a date with her. Fear of fisting is a great fear. Who is Voyager? Also...she hates me? :iconmanlytearsplz:
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TheSpacemanDan's avatar
I'd say she'd get along with Francis of Left 4 Dead but she'd probably hate him to. =P

SpacemanDan is mighty tempted to make some fan art of that. :XD:
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Slugbox's avatar
WOAH. She's awesome.
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Nakate's avatar
Thank you! That really means a lot to me.
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IzuiII's avatar
for some reason, she reminds me of pi 0.o
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starboy35's avatar
Nice Pic Naka! That's some skin I'd like to spend time with~ *wink wink*
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thepichudude's avatar
to bad she hates us :<
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starboy35's avatar
Not me. She is my Pi
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MingnonFiliae's avatar
Like I said before:

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Nakate's avatar
All ze time!
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Milk-Bell's avatar
Milk-Bell|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Naka, I love how this turned out!
I didn't get to make the colouring stream, but seriously, I wish I would have!
That colour scheme is simply amazing!

You're too amazing!
You're stealing the amazing from everyone else, aren't you!?
You are, I can tell. I see it in your eyes~<3
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BBBQ4's avatar
BBBQ4|Hobbyist General Artist
Seeing those metal pillars, now what could possibly bend gravity?
superconducted ceramic pillars with a magnetic field?
-_-* now even tough super conducting isnt that much of a problem shed hafta be an electro master of multiple teravolts to be able to create zero gravity.

i dont know, maybe she met bunny or chelsea?

arent i supposed to concentrate more on her than gavity. :iconmanlytearsplz:
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StrawberryDaifuku's avatar
StrawberryDaifuku|Student Digital Artist
She... hates... me? WAHH~ lol, nice job!
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pettyfan45|Hobbyist Photographer
she is cute when shes mad lol
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