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Dragon Arm Tutorial

This is a tutorial I whipped up real quick for a friend. They needed help with arms and the like.

Please only use for educational purposes. You can print this out for yourself and/or friends, link to etc. Please respect my copyright and do not alter this image nor post it as your own. You'll ruin it for everyone if you do, as I will remove my tutorial.

art©Jennifer R. aka Nakase
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© 2010 - 2022 NakaseArt
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I have favorite all these tutorials so far so I can look at them on my page for help because my picture King Blue Butari needs a lot of help (in other words, he needs a total makeover!).
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This was very helpful to me. :)
alldragonsrawesome's avatar
A good tutorial, though I found some of the words hard to read
NakaseArt's avatar
ah..I'll try to use computer text next time. Glad you liked ^^
alldragonsrawesome's avatar
Your handwriting wasn't bad! It was just too light to read:aww:
Draconis-de-Christus's avatar
That is a beautiful pose for Kasy, there ^.=.^ Helpful to see more exactly you place wing shoulder/arm shoulder joints, too.
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^.=.^ I hope to do more in the future, the masses are asking for more ^^;
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Very nice, and a stylish character there as well.
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Panamatt's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial Kasy. It's much appreciated. ^^
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you're welcome ^.=.^
Azura88's avatar
This is the part (besides coloring and shading) that I have the most problems on. Thank you so much for posting this. You did a great job on it and it is very helpful. :hug:
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I've been asked to do a shading tut...we'll see what happens in the future ^^ glad to help
delbinfang's avatar
once again an amazing tutorial! :D
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Denychie's avatar
Another helpful tutorial. Thank you C;
NakaseArt's avatar
you're welcome ^^ glad to help out
Denychie's avatar
Mhmm, I never thought of using circles for muscles.
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