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Please take the time to at least read the headline, even if you don't read the details. There is someone currently emailing artists (possibly found here on DeviantART), attempting to get "free" art in exchange for software.

If you receive an email from this person, DO NOT REPLY. Simply delete it and move on. Do not be tempted by their offer, the programs are most likely obtained illegally and are being used as an exchange for free work. I've heard from another trusted artist that they were also contacted a week ago, so this has been going on for some time. Notify your artsy friends, especially to younger ones who may not be as experienced with selling their work. I know when I was younger, I may have been duped into doing something foolish, such as accepting a terrible offer like this.

(I also posted about this on my Twitter:… )

Here are the images of the email correspondence. The person tries to sway artists with his well-written email and promise of free software. He's not taking no for an answer but seems otherwise "composed", though the red flags are still there.
Here's where things start to get ugly and reveal why artists shouldn't accept such offers. Good for a laugh though.
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Now things start getting weird. So much for composure.

Please, do not sell yourself short as an artist and do NOT accept unpaid work. You never know what you're really getting into.
Thank you everyone for your interest in my holiday commissions! I'll be opening them again sometime hopefully in the near future. Send a note or email if you want to be on a wait list!

Not started yet: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Lineart phase: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
Lineart finished: :star::star-half::star-empty:
Color phase: :star::star::star-half:
Done!: :star::star::star: :thumbsup:

Current batch:
:iconqube-core: - thumbnail concept art :star: :thumbsup:
:iconqube-core: - full-body sketch 1 :star: :thumbsup:
:iconqube-core: - full-body sketch 2 :star: :thumbsup:
:iconpiratecaptaindark: - color portrait + background :star::star::star: :thumbsup:

:iconerebun: - color half-body :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconmasterchiefhammer: - color half-body x2 :star::star::star: :thumbsup
:icondunemerc: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:icondarkartskai: - color half-body :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconestonius: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconestonius: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconestonius: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconmagtok: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconpsithorn: - color portrait + variant :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconlilholmies: - flat-color portrait x2 :star::star-half::star-empty:
:iconlilholmies: - flat-color portrait x2 :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconthe-lost-ghost: - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
:iconmrsmorace: - flat-color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:

Kris - portrait 1 :star: :thumbsup:

Kris - portrait 2 :star: :thumbsup:

Fox Star - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:

AzureArrowFlower - flat-color half-body x2 :star::star::star: :thumbsup:

Eliosoverlord - color portrait :star::star::star: :thumbsup:
I just opened up a Redbubble store for prints and other cool items! If you wanna check it out, here's the link:…

Anyways, I've uploaded a handful of drawings already, but I wanted to ask you guys if there was any particular ones you'd like to see available. Please let me know and I'll upload it ^..^ It helps if I can narrow things down a bit and focus on the most requested artworks first, since I'm not sure which ones would be the most popular.
Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that I've launched a Patreon for my artwork! It's kind of like a glorified tip cup, haha. Feel free to take a look :pointr:

I just added a few new things:

Including a second tier for people who want to see how my images are contructed. You'll get access to layered PSD versions!

As well as a new poll where you can choose my next fanart. Patreons will also be able to make exclusive art requests that will be voted on in the next poll. Come check it out!

For anyone who may be worried about paywalls, I want to ensure you all that I won't withhold any content. My desktop wallpapers will remain free on Gumroad and additional Patreon rewards will eventually be available to purchase there as well.

It's okay if you can't be a Patreon. Just being here with me on DeviantART is great! I appreciate all of the support ^..^


:iconyoyowebs: - Sketched
:iconman0fmanyfaces: - Paid
Anonymous2 - Sketch 2 of 3


Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that I'm open for BUST COMMISSIONS! $40 for a bust like this one, and $20 for a sketch! The sketch will be relatively clean, but won't have the same polish as the example drawing.

I rarely do commissions of any kind, and if you entered the contest to win a commission on Facebook, now is your chance to buy one!

ALSO if you bought any of my donation Gumroad items, I'll take that amount into account if you want a commission. For example, if you want a $40 commission and already donated $25, I'll only charge $15 more for the drawing ^_^ or if you donated more than the cost, they'll be free!

If you would like a commission, send an email to nakanodrawing[at]gmail[dot]com with the following...

☆ Subject: Commission
☆ Did you already donate through Gumroad? If so, I'll deduct that from the price of the commission.
☆ Provide character references and descriptions. Please give me a link to the reference art hosted here on DeviantART. No file attachments if possible, please. (I've had too many bad experiences with those sorry, lol.)
☆ Lastly, what name would you like to be known by? I'll be compiling a waitlist on my journal here for people to keep tabs on. If you don’t want people to know your name or alias, that's perfectly fine! Say you want to be anonymous and I will give you a number to be known by.

After that, I will send you an email in return with a rough sketch. At this point, feel free to tell me to make any changes necessary. After this point, I won't make any more changes to the structure of the character. It'll cost more if changes are needed, unless it was my fault and I messed something up.

I'll also give you my Paypal for payment.

After payment is all squared away, your commission will be finished and I will send you the link to the high-res JPEG. If you are an artist and would like to color it, that would be awesome! Let me know and I will give you the PSD. I must be credited along with yourself on the image if you do so.

What I will draw...

Pretty much anything honestly. I'll tell you via email if I don't want to do it. And really, don't be shy about asking, I've pretty much seen everything lol. Sexy stuff is fine, but no hardcore. Also no fetishes besides bdsm themes. So no stuff like inflation and feet, etc.

Also if your character has a SUPER complex design, like an insane Gundam that will more time, even as a bust, I will have to charge more.

I'll also draw a character based only on a text description, but I have to charge more because I'll be essentially designing a character, and that will take more time.

Anyways that's about it for the details, so send me an email if you want one! My work is sporadic, and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and let my commssioners down as a result. So I won't be doing anything more complex than this for now, even for more money. Bust commissions are something I can finish in short bursts between work, so they work out ^_^ Also, I don't know how many requests I will receive, so I reserve the right to close commissions, or raise the price if I become overloaded with work haha. I hope you understand!
EDIT: Closed, thanks to everone who participated!

Hey dudes, I'm offering two free commissions on my Facebook page!

I wanted to make sure that I notified you guys on DA, since my journal is where I tell everyone that I'll announce my commission openings. Since this contest originated on Facebook, I would prefer people to enter on that site, so there are no duplicated votes. However, if you would really like to enter and do not have a Facebook account, send me a note and we can work something out :heart:

To enter, click the link and leave a comment there. Or for a better chance at winning, try to come up with a little creative background story for the character in the picture!…

Good luck! Hope you guys have as much fun with this as I do :3
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that if you want another place to see my work, I'm very active on Facebook. I also post lots of sketches and unfinished work there as well. If you like, you may follow me or be my friend!
Hey guys ^^ We're having a challenge on the Ronin Galaxy Facebook page. If we get to 250 likes on our page by next Monday, I'll give out the finished wallpaper version of this image to everyone!

Taylor+Ai lines by nakanoart

 Also if we go above 250, the next goal is 275. If we get that, I'll give out an entirely new image to download :D
The last few hours of the Kickstarter are approaching! So if you're still debating whether or not to pledge, now is the time!!

You guys have been SO supportive and awesome; we've actually gone BEYOND our goal and are going down the list of stretch goals! Our 8k stretch goal has almost been reached, and its a big one. A guest comic drawn by my incredibly talented friend lauren-bennett!!

KICKSTARTER :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointl: :pointl: :pointl:
LAUREN'S AWESOME WORK :iconlauren-bennett:
Its the last week of the Ronin Galaxy Kickstarter, so if you have been thinking about pledging, now's the time! We've got stretch goals, add-ons and two commission spots left. Come support us if you can, we'd truly appreciate it! ^^

Check it out! -
Hey guys! My writer and I have been working our butts off for the past month or so, getting this ready, and now its finally up! @_@ Our webomic, Ronin Galaxy, is three chapters in and we're ready to print a book. Now we just need your help in funding it!

We have a ton of rewards (INCLUDING COMMISSIONS :D) and stretch goals for helping us; we'd truly appreciate it if any of you could do so ^^

I also drew the little cartoon animation for the promotional video, so you can check that out too xD

Here's the link. We only have 30 days total from February 7th to reach our goal!- >