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Zipper Mouth

By nakanoart
I meant to submit this on Halloween as a spooky inktober drawing, but I forgot haha. Oh well, it's never too late I guess! xD;

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I absolutely love this!!
acearc0409's avatar
My first thought was the chain chomps from mario
8ClockworkPurple8's avatar

I can see her in a boss level in a videogame! I love it!

Alphadomous's avatar
Very sinister. I fuckin love it!
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
*zip* Hahaha! Can't bite me now!
Aveloka's avatar
Awesome shading and designs :0
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Should date Tokoyami Fumikage.
At least once.
fatedshadow1's avatar
I love your artwork
WheatherRipper's avatar
Fantastic work!
LosingTheMoon's avatar
   I love the cats! They look like robots that are slowly infecting and taking control of the girl, and the first sign of their power over her is the zipper mouth, which controls what she does and doesn't say..
   I don't know, maybe I'm over complicating this.
nakanoart's avatar
Over complicating? No way, I love it! :D
uroera's avatar
fucking shit this is awesome 
wiedzminka's avatar
first i thought its supposed to be jinx from LoL, because of the rocket launcher, and because they released a bunch of cat-themed skins...
suqarskvll's avatar
did you do this traditionally or digitally?
nakanoart's avatar
This is traditional lines and digital coloring! ^..^
suqarskvll's avatar
Nice to know!! Thank you. c:
ralkon's avatar
Hello, Hello Hello! guess who it is again? any same rules 15 mins, mines at the top, my friends at the bottom, who wins? You be the judge.

Zippers are interesting things, okay, not really, the zip up and zip down (I know what you’re thinking internet, just stop it right there) and that’s about it, zippers in a nutshell go write a report on it ‘cause I had to and now the rest of you need to suffer (Muhahahahahah) but seriously? That zipper report changed my life.

Jess flopped down face first onto her bed and groaned “Why me? Whatever did I do to piss off the world this much?” she mumbled into her bed wishing it would just eat her alive, being swallowed by a bed would be a dream come true, sadly it was not to be as her door opened and her mom came in “The beds not gonna eat ya hun” her mother said sympathising with her daughters desires”

“You don’t know that” Jess mumbled back”

“Well before it does, would you mind letting me know what hellish experience did this to you?”

“My teacher wants me to write a three page report on how zippers work” Jess explained turning onto her side as she responded.

Her mother was quiet for a moment as she thought about what to say about a teacher who had assigned a paper like this before replying.

“Ya’ know, I have as friend you may want to see” Jess looked up at her mom in disbelief, waiting for her to finish the jokes punchline. “He lives just outside the city”

Long story short, Jess was now at an abandoned out just outside of the city.

“Well here goes nothin” she mumbled going up to knock on the rickety door.

Her hand was about to make contact when a zipper opened up and the door swallowed her whole.

When she woke up she was tied to to something with a blindfold on, and a weird old mans voice muttering about how pretty her mouth was, before she felt a searing pain around her entire jaw...End

And here's my buddies! ( He did better I think)

Two little meows wake me up from my long nap of the day. Work was killer; grandpa always works me to the bone in that lab of his. I sling my arm down to let the little guys know I’m at least paying attention to them. Instead of the soft furry bodies I’m met with a metallic orb pressing up to my hand. I look down to see-

My scream pierces through the home. Little Gaia, my cat… what’s happened to him? His body is seemingly made of onyx, and the teeth (with little zippers at the end of them as a nice touch) are metallic and sharpened as well. Their tongues and tails seem to be real enough though. Little Maye is the same. Her pretty golden eyes look so sad though…

Time to confront that old man. This time his experiments have gone too far. I storm down to the cellar where a drill can be heard. “Grandpa!” I shout down. No reply. I come down the steps. “Grandpa! We need to talk! We-” Something cold and hard slams into the back of my head, and my vision, fading.

I come to, in my bed again. I seem to be dressed the same and it looks no different outside the house. I look down and see the same metallic cats by my bedside, purring loudly as they jump up and curl beside me. My mouth certainly hurts though. I bring my hand up and am met with the feeling of metal. Slowly feeling it over, I’m also met with a large zipper. My eyes come down and look at the cats again. Their mouths, seemingly the same as my own now. I don’t even let out a scream this time. Complete and utter shock has taken over.

I get up as silently as I can, and walk down to the cellar again. It has fallen silent and dark. I lower myself into the lab, flicking on the poor lighting. Various bits of metal, onyx, and some other odd looking stones are scattered about the floor. I can see the old skins of my cats… and me, on the wall. End

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