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White Wolf Maiden

By nakanoart
Did you ever make an original character when you were a kid? One of my first ones was a white wolf I made when I was like, 9? I made her bipedal eventually and I haven't drawn her for SO long. I decided to try redrawing her, what do you think? 🐺 I added some tails cause why not 🦊

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sylesis's avatar

Stunning, like all of your work ^^ . The lighting ,the expression and the pose are perfect : I showed her to a friend to help her cheer in those difficult times :).

SilverSugar's avatar
Gorgeous lighting is gorgeous~!

And oooh, the ears are so pretty! Also I love the bird.
model88's avatar
I agree!!! All of this piece is so well done. See, it was in you all this time just waiting for today!
polariie's avatar
oh wow!! everything abt this piece is so cool,, i adore the subtle shading and lighting,, i love how much the red stands out against that blue bg
paksa's avatar
This is so La la la la Heart 
KingRegulus's avatar
MaxErikson's avatar
Well, yeah, dozens; maybe even over a hundred.
CaseyDecker's avatar
This character you've created does look quite lovely and beautiful in her shrine maiden outfit for this picture you've done, and I've always had such a soft spot for furry characters ever since I was a kid as well. :meow:
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NihilVerum's avatar
Uh! Whats her name ? :D
nakanoart's avatar
Good question! She was kinda my first fursona (before I even knew what that was lol) so I just named her after myself, but I'd want to change that.

A friend of mine named her Emi, so I'll call her that!
NihilVerum's avatar
I see! The very first fursona, makes sense you named her after yourself at first :3

Emi....Emi....yush! Very fitting! Awesome x3 Makes the picture even better! Imo, characters need names to give them some sort of...soul ? XD sounds weird, but meh haha

Aaaaaanyways! Great job! Keep it up <3
ofou's avatar
looks like anime protagonist material
nakanoart's avatar
Ooh I'd watch an anime with an anthro wolf protagonist :o That reminds me, I still have to watch Wolf Children
VanguardHammy's avatar
there is still inuyasha ;)
nakanoart's avatar
Oh yeah, lol

It's interesting, I don't see too many dog demons so I suppose that was somewhat unique. When it comes to characters having canine spirits, it's normally fox or wolves.
RikuGx's avatar
A  nine tailed Wolf, why the hell not? This looks really gorgeous, would love to see this specific character more^^
nakanoart's avatar
Haha that's what I figured ^_^; Thanks! I want to draw her more when I have some time
RikuGx's avatar
i can guess. I wish i could be this good ^^'
nakanoart's avatar
Drawing skill is all study and repetition, keep at it! ^o^
RikuGx's avatar
And some talent also doesnt hurt. id need a good shading tutorial with somebody showing it to me over the shoulder/live because just tutorials on youtube or something barely ever help me at all xD
nakanoart's avatar
Talent is more of a disposition to see the world in an artistic way with less training than others. Though anyone can train themselves to do that, it's just harder for some.

Everyone learns differently and you probably learn things better with an instructor. I actually learn things better this way too, but not with art for some reason. I do studies from reference and that seems to work.
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