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Undertale - Undyne

By nakanoart
Undyne of Undertale, from a previous Patreon request! Have you played that game?

Also, I'm holding a poll so you can decide which fanart I draw next. The voting is open to the public and hosted on my Patreon (you don't need to be pledged to vote):…

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i wish i could do art like that my art sucks T-T

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woah this is so pretty. cool art

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God, oh my god. My whole life I've been dreaming of the perfect mommy gf. With big, succulent milky milkies, just oozing the sweetest of nectar. I want to watch her eat dust off of my ceiling blade fans and bear witness to my unrivaled suction powers as I yoink out all of the dust and bodily-toxins through her areolae with my fleshy vacuum suckers. And good god she's got to have a penis, I want to feel pain in my rectum as punishment for accidentally biting on her soft cherry toppers. I'm so sorry mommy, I won't do it again. Oh and I really like your art, great job man!

The same: WTF!?
Dude, get some help
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so cute! i bet someone whos a 'close friend' of hers would like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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It’s a Beautiful artwork.😊

i love the design!

Oooooooo so good UwU

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Oa...... ! This is so cute! ^_<
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My girl UNDYNE!!!!
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SO CUTE! OMG I LOVE IT! U-um...well this is awkward...

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Very nice depiction of Undyne! love the work.
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cute. the eye patch is a nice touch
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This is the best portrayal of undyne I’ve seen since the game came out.
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She looks incredibly cute and hot in this one.
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