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Toxic Summer

By nakanoart
Do you guys like summer? Or is the season too hot where you live? I like summer the most with fall being a close second.

DesignByHumans is having a contest and this is my submission. The winning ones will be printed on swimsuits with royalties ^..^ You need a DBH account to vote, but if you do, I'd be so grateful! Voting will end on the 15th, so only a few days are left!…

I also have a wallpaper version on my Gumroad:

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More of my art!
Lantern by nakanoart  Captive Mermaid by nakanoart  Mermaid Mackerel by nakanoart  Mermaid Music by nakanoart  Leather Cat by nakanoart  Fruit Bat by nakanoart
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This has become very timely.

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I love summer and its heat ( and if it's too hot, I practice relaxation to bear with it). Actually, I think I'm like a plant : I'm at my best under the summer blue sky, sleepy during winter, and a real mess during rainy grey days. When it rains, I find shelter in the basement where I paint miniatures to avoid looking outside.
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wow! really neat art! I love it! OWO
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Love the alluring vibe the mermaid gives, despite having a covered mouth. :)

Sadly, at least for me, the Link to the Wallpaper doesn't work, the page gives me an 404 Error. :(
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Yet another perfect piece! Please never change, you're amazing!
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Thank you!

AGH noo, thank you so much for telling me! I fixed it
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No problem, i'm glad i could help. :)
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love the line work, everything looks very dynamic although she's sitting
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Hey, i can`t send it, CAUSE DEVIANT-KUN THINKS THAT IT`S A SPAM!!!! So i think you should read the last commentary in there:

Wrong time for a joke.
SilverSugar's avatar gorgeous~! I might be in love.
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why is the lineart so JUICY
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Her eye's are very powerful~
Spring and Summer are the seasons I like best. New life, all is bright and warm, the fresh air, flowing through the house, riding without a heavy jacket.
Awesome Mermaid Nana! Heading over to vote for you!
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Thank you so much! :heart:

Spring is such a beautiful season too! I wish I could enjoy it more; the gorgeous make my eyes and ears itch so bad lol ;~;
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Summer is way too hot and way too long where I live. Hope you do well in the contest, your entry looks great!
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Thank you!

Where I live currently it's also too hot, even for me (I'm looking forward to moving lol). In a more temperate climate it's absolutely my favorite season :heart:
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this is wonderful :heart: I'd take the heat of summer any day over the cold of winter

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Same here. Winter is okay if I'm indoors but it's hard to go outside in the rain (it doesn't snow where I am) and sometimes it floods. Also even if I visit the snow, it's SO blinding to my eyes, and it's all cold/wet and uncomfortable. Also dangerous! >_< bah
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agreed the winter is manageable indoors! i think snow in theory is nice but the reality is: it most definitely is not -- its dreadful! i've lived in tropical weather most of my life but i've recently moved to a place that has winters and lets just say i am not thrilled with this change :cries:

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